Getting to Know Esri Support: Amy A.

Blog Post created by MSingleton-esristaff Employee on Feb 26, 2013
 An interview with ArcGIS Desktop analyst, and Parcel Editor / ArcPad specialist, Amy A.In our continuing series, "Getting to Know Esri Support", we interviewed Amy who is a support analyst for the Redlands, CA office. groups2-300x300.jpg
  • Office – Redlands, CA
  • Hometown – Cincinnati, Ohio / Claremont, California
  • ArcGIS Desktop Team – Parcel Editor and ArcPad
Support Services Blog: Welcome Amy! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what position you have within Support Services?Amy: My heart will always be in Cincinnati, Ohio, but we moved to Claremont, California when I was 11. Within Support Services, I am a Senior Desktop Support Analyst specializing in the Parcel Fabric. I am very close to my parcel fabric customers and consider many of them to be part of my extended family!SSB: What do you do as a Support Analyst?Amy: I support anything, and I mean anything, related to our Desktop product, but my specialities are the Parcel Editor and ArcPad.  My typical day consists of taking live calls, answering emails that come into support, and collaborating with my teammates in the Redlands and Charlotte offices. I spend a majority of my day working within the parcel fabric by helping customers migrate and use this technology. If you want to learn more about the parcel fabric visit our Resource Center - What is parcel editing?

I also attend the Land Records Meet Up, which is a virtual user group for all Land Record topics. This meeting series discusses new functionality, enhancements within the ArcGIS Ideas site, as well as technical support trends. Feel free to check this group out and join if you are interested.SSB: How did you get into GIS?Amy: As a Geography and Environmental Studies major, I heard about this little thing called GIS, so I thought it would be something I might need to know.  I took the class, got an internship doing GIS, got a job doing GIS, got another job working for a local county doing GIS and finally ended up at the source of everything GIS - Esri!SSB: What do you like best about being a support analyst?Amy: Talking to and helping our customers.  I feel that I live vicariously through my customers. I have customers from Newberry, SC, and all the way to Kodiak, AK, that I work with on a regular basis; some I am so close with they send me Christmas cards!SSB: How do you describe to family members and friends what you do for a living?Amy: It used to be easier to describe my job.  I would tell people that I draw lines and boxes on the computer.  Now I say that I help people use my company’s mapping software because if I get any more detailed than that, most of family and friends' eyes glaze over.SSB: What do you like to do when you’re not at the office? Amy: Grabbing the dogs, IMG_0059-150x150.jpgfiIMG_0163-150x150.jpgshing poles, packing up the Jeep, and heading out! I have a Cocker Spaniel / Rottweiler mix named Sammy and another mix breed named Billie that love to go with us for rides in the jeep.Amy was interviewed by Melissa J - Geodata Support Analyst