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ArcGIS Idea: Using the ArcGIS Server JavaScript API, I want to be able to create mobile web apps that work on mobile browsers (Android, iPhone)

One of the great benefits of the ArcGIS Ideas site is that everyone in the community can promote an idea they find interesting.  Another useful feature, one which we review just as seriously, is the comments section for each idea.  So when user ccabanero submitted an idea in March 2010 requesting that, using the ArcGIS Server JavaScript API, I want to be able to create mobile web apps that work on mobile browsers (Android, iPhone), many users agreed.  In addition, maxwellr added the comment that Esri needs a universal API that works on a variety of devices and platforms.  This made a lot of sense to us, too, especially our JavaScript team.

Esri’s JavaScript team has worked aggressively to add new samples and features to the JavaScript API to support application development on mobile devices.  They have designed a compact version of the API specifically focused on mobile development.createmobilewebapps.png

It’s now possible to add features like two finger pinch zooming, gesture recognition and GPS sensor data to applications. The JavaScript team has also created a mobile gallery to browse samples and has put together an interesting sample showing how to leverage CSS3 to add a compass feature to the map that honors device orientation.Additional Information and Samples:
Doug C. - User Advocacy Group

Great news! Esri has launched a native application in the new Windows Store available on devices running Windows 8 or Windows RT.  The product name is ArcGIS for the Windows Store. 

The application provides a preview of features available to the ArcGIS Online mapping platform on Windows 8/Windows RT.  With the app you can explore a gallery of compelling maps that showcase relevant demographic, commercial, and environmental topics. Use the app to view, navigate, and learn more about these maps with your fingertips.

Support for the ArcGIS for the Windows Store Preview is handled through the application itself.  Once you have the app installed, there is an option to contact Esri.  With that said, we want your feedback. So please, get the app today from the Windows Store and tell us how we can improve the experience.

Please send feedback to

For more details, and to download the app using a Windows 8/Windows RT device, visit the ArcGIS for the Windows Store product details page.

The above heat map image was taken from the ArcGIS for the Windows Store. It highlights popular ale houses and pubs in the Baltimore, MD area.

Doug C. - Development Technical LeadUser Advocacy Group
Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server are now officially supportesrilogo-resize1.jpged starting at ArcGIS 10.1  More details are available on the ArcGIS Resource Center Blog.

The Esri software system requirements pages have been updated to reflect this.Download ArcGIS 10.1 SP1 at your earliest convenience.Jessica G. - Online Support Resources

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