Which version of ArcPad should I install?

Blog Post created by geonetadmin on Jun 19, 2012
In Support Services, as we answer various types of ArcPad calls throughout the day, we are often asked the magical question:

Which version of ArcPad should I install onto my desktop and mobile device?

Which is always followed up with:

Where can I get the latest version of ArcPad?



This gives me the opportunity to think about the best answer and then it comes, the “light bulb”.

First, for the question: "Which version of ArcPad should I install onto my desktop and mobile device?"

wrench-e1339629145208.png I simply let the user know that they should download and install the latest version of ArcPad. This will allow them to work with a version of the product that has gone through a series of improvements. Improvements that have addressed previously identified bugs and have enhanced the functionality and performance of the software.

Then for the question: "Where can I get the latest and greatest version of ArcPad?"

I guide my users to the Esri Customer Care Site. After logging in with their Esri Global ID credentials, they are able to see their products and any updates that are available for download from the product line.



They can then select the most current version of ArcPad.

After downloading the latest version of the ArcPad software, the user is then ready to download and install it onto their desktop. From the desktop, this version of ArcPad can then be sent to the mobile device.
With the newest software downloaded and installed, ArcPad will be ready to use in the field!Juan L. – ArcPad/Desktop Support Analyst