Where is the ActiveX connector for ArcIMS 10.0?

Blog Post created by arost-esristaff Employee on Mar 29, 2012
As a support analyst, I speak with many people who are trying to upgrade to a new version of Esri software. As I work with people migrating from ArcIMS 9.2 to ArcIMS 9.3 or ArcIMS 10.0, I realized there is some confusion as to the status of the ActiveX connector.

Just to make sure everyone is aware - the ActiveX connector for ArcIMS was deprecated at version 9.2, for more information read the notice on ArcIMS Component Deprecation.

Despite the deprecation, the ActiveX connector has still shipped with the newer ArcIMS versions, which has caused some confusion. Although the ActiveX connector still seemed to work with ArcIMS 9.3, it no longer works with version 10.0.

If you have upgraded ArcIMS to version 10.0 and are looking for a way to workaround the need for the ActiveX connector, you can either rollback to an older version of ArcIMS or upgrade the application to be a .NET Web ADF application. Here are links to help you with creating a .NET Web ADF application:Nakul B. - SDK Support Analyst