Previewing Caches for Your Map Service

Blog Post created by geonetadmin on Mar 16, 2012
G33156_BetterCaching.pngAfter generating a cache for a new map service in ArcGIS Server, you sometimes want to preview the way the cache looks and investigate whether or not there are blank areas or missing tiles at a specific cache level. If you'd like to do this, you can follow the instructions below.

Let's assume that your cache has four scales, 1:64M (L00), 1:32M (L01), 1:16M (L02), 1:8M (L03), and you would like to see what the cache looks like at level 1:16M (L02).
  1. Create a new map service using the same MXD/MSD document.
  2. Set up this new service as a cache service with only one scale, 1:16M, and without creating the cache tiles.
  3. Use Windows Explorer to copy the cache folder, L02, from your existing cache service to the new cache under the "_alllayers" folder, found under C:arcgisserverarcgiscache<new_map_service>Layers_alllayers.
  4. Rename the newly copied folder "L00".
  5. Restart the new service, and the new service will become a cache map service with only one scale, 1:16M.
  6. Open ArcMap with a new blank map, click the Catalog tab, and drag the “Layers” raster over into the Table of Contents. You can see the visual cache in ArcMap.

Watch this video for a demonstration of this process: Preview Caches for a Map Service.Additional ResourcesArcGIS Resource Center - Cache Validation Tools Henry H. - Server Usage Group Lead