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Blog Post created by geonetadmin on Jun 17, 2011
Blogging may be the hottest trend in cyberspace. Who doesn't like to tell the world about favorite hobbies or travel adventures? But a blog can be a good resource for GIS users as well, as people often share their struggles and achievements while exploring spatial information in the blogosphere. Beside the many Esri blogs available, there are many other excellent GIS blogs providing relevant and timely information for the GIS world. Check the list below for some interesting reads!
GIS tips and tricks from Tom Brenneman
A unique, fun take on mapping and cartography from Frank Jacobs
Geography and geospatial techniques 
Get the latest on being a user of GIS software (including Esri software) from James Fee. 
A great geospatial blog
More fun geospatial information

For even more GIS Blogs, check out the list of GIS-related blogs at Be sure to also check out all the latest blogs from Esri!

Happy mapping!

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