System Requirements - Now Located Within Each Product's Page

Blog Post created by GLehner-esristaff Employee on Jul 23, 2010

(Note: Some of the information below refers to legacy content and workflows. For updated information, please refer to our Comments section.)

With the Support site redesign of 2010, the System Requirements pages were moved. Several people have inquired about where they have been placed. They are now located within each ArcGIS product’s page on the ArcGIS Resource Center web site. So, for example, if you are looking for the system requirements for ArcGIS Server, click on the ‘Server’ link under the Popular Communities heading on the main page of the Resource Center web site. Once the ArcGIS Server page opens, you will see a list of links on the right-hand side of the Web page. One of these links is the ‘System Requirements’ link. This link takes you to the ‘ArcGIS Server 10 System Requirements’ Web page.Note: If you do not find the link you are looking for, the System Requirements can be easily searched by entering 'system requirements [product name]' in the search bar.

For ArcGIS software versions prior to version 10, there is a link to the earlier versions’ system requirements available on all of the version 10 products’ system requirements pages.

If you are using the ArcGIS Resources site for 10.0, below are some screen shots to help you along the way and point you in the right direction for finding version 10 and previous versions’ system requirements pages.Resource Center landing page with products highlightedArcGIS Resource Center landing page with ArcGIS Products list highlightedArcGIS Server product page with sys req. link highlightedArcGIS Server product page with System Requirements link highlightedArcGIS Server 10 System Req. page with the link to earlier versionsArcGIS Server 10 Systems Requirements page with the link to the earlier versions highlighted

You can utilize the System Requirements pages to get the latest details and information on supported operating systems, third-party tools, and hardware requirements for all ArcGIS products. I hope that this helps you in accessing the system requirements associated with whatever product and/or version of that product you are using.

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