Closing the Loop - eSurveys and the Voice of the Customer

Blog Post created by geonetadmin on Jul 16, 2010

There have been a couple blog posts regarding updates to our surveys, such as the post in February 2009 entitled ‘e-Surveys and the Winds of Change’ and more recently February 2010 by Monte regarding ‘eSurveys and How They Help Us and You’. This must mean that e-surveys are valued feedback from our users, right? Exactly!

You may receive an e-survey after finishing up work with one of our team members, as they are generated and sent out upon the resolution of your support incident. Members of the Support team are continually following up with users like you in order to gather additional details from feedback that was received in your survey scores and comments. I wanted to expand on how members of the management team have been and will be contacting you for more information. Since we value your feedback as our customers, we may call or e-mail you to gather further details on surveys you have recently submitted when we need clarifications on comments or specifics on below satisfactory scores.

As a group lead within Support, I can say this definitely helps us get the most out of your feedback and/or advice regarding how your most recent incident was handled. From our conversation, we can learn more about your experience and what we can do to improve our service. We try to pinpoint an area for improvement, such as within the quality of the product, online documentation, the responsiveness/communication you received from the Support Analyst, etc. We’ll take these ideas and share with other members of Support, and even other departments throughout Esri.

For example, a short comment about the product quality within your survey may lead to a phone conversation to discuss the details of your concerns. Your concern could be that the software defect was fixed at a later release or that the workaround provided doesn’t suit your business needs. Getting more details like this on the phone can help us offer more options within Support Services, such as utilizing the User Advocacy Group (UAG) as an avenue to communicate your need for a fix in an upcoming service pack or release. You can quickly see how these conversations can help us improve your experience with Support by gathering suggestions/feedback and acting on this information.

During our conversation, we may be able to give you some information regarding suggestions on moving forward or involve you in initiatives that we have in place within Support, such as the UAG program. Your advice is definitely used to promote awareness or for ideas on new initiatives to better serve you. Our goal is to help make the use of our products and services more efficient. Some recent online resources that pertain to Support that you may be using are the ArcGIS Ideas site and also the Customer Care Portal, which gives visibility on status of software defects/enhancements after they have been submitted/linked to your customer number. Information is power, and your input is helping us build stronger and more reliable products and services.

Keep those survey comments coming!

-Melissa J., Geodata Group Lead, Esri Support Services – Charlotte, NC