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Blog Post created by geonetadmin on Nov 24, 2009

Our mission is to ensure your success. Whether you’re an expert with GIS software or have just recently joined the GIS community, we deeply appreciate the opportunity to serve you. We continuously strive to provide new Internet-based tools to help foster the GIS community and help it to grow. Many of our users have requested that we set up a knowledge-sharing platform for the GIS community. This will not only be useful to all of us to enhance our knowledge of GIS, but it will also help new geographers to better understand GIS and quickly improve upon their GIS skills to be more productive. is a community-generated, GIS-centric encyclopedia that serves as a repository for factual, unbiased GIS content. will seek to involve the GIS community in an ongoing process of creation and collaboration of conceptual GIS information. will use the passion and knowledge each one of you has, in order to offer another resource for users to help others. All content ownership will be shared by the GIS community.

The success of depends on the contributions of GIS professionals, students, and the GIS community-at-large. We invite all the people who have a common interest in sharing GIS knowledge and ideas to create a login account on and then begin editing existing pages or adding their own GIS-related content to the wiki. We have a list of requested pages on the wiki for which we are seeking content, but please feel free to add more topics/content as you deem fit. All unbiased GIS-related content is welcome.

If you are unfamiliar with how a wiki works, a good place to start may be our Help page. There you will find information about how to get started and how to edit a page as well as a brief manual of style to help guide you.

At some point in time, we will also need help with moderation and operation of this wiki. Moderators will be selected from a group of active users.

So, to begin with, create your account, start contributing to this community resource, and if you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, please send these to

-Sanjay L., Program Manager - Online Support Reources, ESRI Support Services