Getting the most out of Esri Web Help

Blog Post created by jhine-esristaff Employee on Nov 12, 2008

Hey there! This is Emeline, an ArcGIS Server and Desktop Analyst with ESRI Support Services. I wanted to take a minute to share a few tips for getting the most out of the ArcGIS Desktop Web Help:
    • Use the tutorials. It never hurts to get a step-by-step introduction to a new concept. Getting oriented with the new tools and terms couldn’t be easier.
    • Check for Common Issues. Most sections of the help include a section about the most frequently encountered issues or a list of common tasks. Here are a few examples: Geoprocessing, Geocoding, Geodatabases, and Editing.
    • For information about less common tasks use the Help button in ArcGIS Desktop. Aren’t sure if that button is the tool you are looking for? Not sure what to input into a parameter box? Use the What’s This tool or button to get a quick help bubble to get started. In geoprocessing tool dialogs, click Show Help to get more information about each parameter in a tool dialog, so you make the right decision the first time.
    • Look it up in the GIS Dictionary and bookmark the link for a quick lookup of GIS terms.
    • Use the search options. ArcGIS is a big product! In order to get the best results when searching the web help, click search options and choose the Subject Areas and Topic Type that best suits your task. Check the Using this Help System topic for more information about making the search work for you!
  • Give us feedback. The Support Center can always be better, so if something doesn’t work for you, let us know.

Emeline R.Emeline R., Server/Desktop Analyst, ESRI Support Services