• How can I insert local time in database from Survey123 form?

    I have a survey that asks for the dat and time a sample was collected and incubated. This survey is linked to a Feature Service in my ArcGIS server environment which references data in my company's locally hosted data...
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  • Can we use a autocomplete question type but enter a new value?

    Hey,   We have a survey question with appearance type of autocomplete, it is pulling the values nicely from the choices sheet.   If I wanted to add a new value, not currently in the list, can I allow...
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  • Survey 123: Need to add the label to the feature report instead of name pulling data off of an external table

    I have an external_choices tab in the excel file that has some very large lists. The problem is when I run the feature report it prints the name not the label.  ${SiteID} results in "04532485" which is the name ...
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  • Survey 123 and survey grade GPS

    It has been brought to my attention that our surveying field staff who require high accuracy location capture would like to implement Survey123 in their workflows. I was wondering if you have any information I co...
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  • Survey 123: Dynamic Questions with open response

    Hello,    I would like to add a question on a survey with multiple options, but I want them to input a number for each question. Is this possible in Survey 132? I want it to look like a multiple choice ques...
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  • Using choice_filter with a select_multiple question.

    In my survey I have a list of structure types: Single Family, Multi Family, Other Habitable, Non Habitable, Coastal Protection, & Shore Protection. I also have a list damage types. Most damage types only apply to ...
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  • Date in a different language as english in a feature report

    Hi everybody, I published a survey in German, my ESRI-account, my field-devices and my web-browsers are configured in German too, but when I try to export a date in a report (like ${Datum|format:"dddd DD. MMMM YYYY"}...
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  • Displaying more surveys in My Surveys page.

    Only 6 surveys at a time appear in the My Surveys page before the user scrolls down. Is there any way to display more? Like can the thumbnail be removed and only show the text, or can surveys be grouped into categori...
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  • Asset inspections using related tables in Survey123 and Collector

    Hello,   Ismael Chivite, James Tedrick   Our Public Works Department would like create an Asset Inspection workflow using Collector and Survey123. The idea is to view the asset on the map in Collector, tap...
  • Creating Relationship to link Survey123 to Collector

    I am trying to create a Inspection form to link directly to an existing feature class. I have followed the videos and read up the documentation as to what I need to do to set this up but I am hitting a wall at the ver...
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  • Survey123 and Integromat - [400] Invalid URL

    Hello Everyone, I am currently trying to connect a survey with Integromat. The survey is using a submission URL to a related table stored in an enterprise geodatabase shared to our enterprise. I can connect to t...
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  • What Escape Character for a comma is recognized by Survey123?

    Hello all,   I have a csv file with fields containing commas (escaped with double quotes) to be used with the PullData() function in Survey123.  Survey123 doesn't recognize the quotes.   Example: -1,0...
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  • Survey123, Integromat & Microsoft Office 2013 Outlook

    Hello,   Our organization uses Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Outlook. I'm attempting to set up a simple email notification using Integromat. Integromat doesn't have a module for Office that I can see. ...
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  • Survey123 notification of image (in data)

    I am looking for a easier solution for...if someone inserts an image (takes a photo or inserts) in a image question, that within the data table, a "image_attached" fills a cell in the data form.   Basically...
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  • Survey123 feature class as a related table

    Hello All,   I need to understand how it might be possible for my Survey123 feature class to be a related table to a polygon feature in the map.   In essence I have a farm field feature class and I want to...
  • Survey123 & Integromat

    Hello,   I am wondering if anyone could help me figure out some issues I am having with Integromat and Survey123 data.   Issue #1: I need up to 12 photos to pass from survey123 through integromat and be pl...
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  • Survey 123 data not loading in Portal

    Has anyone had difficulties using their survey 123 data in portal lately? When I go to add the survey data it will show up on the map, but not in content. It is also accompanied by an error that states that "The layer...
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  • Math

    Hello,   I am trying to build a calculation for a drop down field selection.    User would select well diameter 1, 2, 4 Dependent on the selection the calculations would be the following (1) &#...
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  • Survey123 Webhooks not Triggering when Surveys are Designed to Submit Entries to a AGO Hosted Feature Service's Related Table

    I am currently having an issue using webhooks with Survey123, where the payload does not appear to be sent at submission time. I am using an existing hosted feature service to create and publish my surveys, each surve...
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  • Custom URL for Survey123 web form?

    Is there a way to open a Survey123 web form and pass field parameters to the web form?Here is what I want to do: I want to create a hyperlink to open the Survey123 web form and pre-populate fields, including passing t...
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