• Survey123 date field constraints

    We have a Survey123 form in production for reporting wildfires and other incidents responded to by NJ Forest Fire Service firefighters. To avoid entry of future dates, a constraint was set for various date fields. See...
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  • Survey123 repeats not populated upon retrieval

    We have a Survey123 form in production for reporting wildfires and other incidents responded to by NJ Forest Fire Service firefighters. There are multiple repeats in the form. The report is completed in phases, so eac...
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  • Capture in Survey123

    Hello   As I understand it, the new geotrace feature in Survey123 allows users to draw in lines or polygons on a map using their fingers. However, I am looking for solution that is similar to the capture in Coll...
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  • HL7 Data with Survey123

    Hi ArcGIS Survey123 Team,   I am currently working on a form that may be used alongside of HL7 data from hospitals. However, it would be great if there is already a method of integrating HL7 data into a Survey12...
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  • Can I embed an image within a note in Survey123?

    I'm working in Survey123. I'm using a Note type to include some text. Within that text I would like to embed a small image. Is there a way to do this? When I reference an image I have in the survey's media folder, it ...
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  • Access Survey stored on portal from Hub Intiative

    When I attempt to access a survey stored in a portal through arcgis online. I am unable to access the survey when signed into any account, but when I’m signed out (pictured below) the survey is accessible. When ...
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  • Survey123 web form issues in Safari browser

    We have a public Survey123 form published from Connect and completed via the web form (either directly on the Survey123 webform or as an embedded form on a webpage). A mac user has reported errors with the form when t...
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  • Has anybody attempted to host surveys on the hub and have results go to your portal?

    We have a survey that we need to be HIPAA compliant so we need to leverage ArcGIS enterprise to store our results to our own server. Has anybody ever attempted to host a survey that is published to an enterprise porta...
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  • Accessing values from a repeated select_one question outside of the repeat

    I have a survey with a repeat that contains a select_one question and a read-only text question with a calculation to look up and store the description of the selected choice. Outside the repeat I have anoth...
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  • Survey123 Navbar Appears After Setting to Hide

    I call the Survey123 web form using the following parameters. However, the navbar appears when trying to proceed beyond a required question without first answering it. I need to either suppress it all of the time or m...
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  • Query the Inbox in Survey123

    It seems there's been an update to ArcGIS Online security settings as of June 2020 that removes the ability to disable Standard Query support.  This in effect renders the ability to use the ${username} function i...
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  • Large Address Choice List in Survey123

    I would like users to be able to query on and select an address from a list of 20,000 addresses. Choice list is way slow as is external select. This is a public survey so internal locator approach appears to not be an...
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  • Users select location for display on a map/dashboard

    Hello,   I am making an internal survey and want participants to select what office they are located in so we do not capture their current location. The ultimate goal is to display information from the surv...
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  • Survey123 Spinner Question not Displaying Properly when Published

    Hello,   I created a survey in Survey123 Connect. Two of the question appearances are set to spinner and appear correctly when previewing the form. When the form is published and opened in a web browser (th...
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  • Adding a Captcha survey 123

    Is there a way to add a Captcha or a Captcha like thing to a user created survey in survey123? Thanks
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  • Custom URL and the &center function

    I have several surveys that receive pass-through attribute information from existing features on other layers. All of the attribute information is populating in Survey123 perfectly well, but I can't get the &cente...
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  • Calculated fields display in Survey123 Connect form preview, but not ArcGIS Online feature service

    I have a survey with numerous string fields (select one and select multiple questions) and want to create an integer field that provides a score based on what was entered into those string fields. In Survey123 Connect...
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  • Lunar Moon phases dates in Survey123

    Hi how can I include the lunar phase when I select the date in the Survey123 form? Any ideas   Cheers F
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  • One-to-One Joins in Survey123 Connect

    Hello,   I have a feature service that includes one points layer and 5 related tables, which are related using relationship classes. Of the 5 tables, 3 used a one-to-one and 2 used a one-to-many. When I created ...
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  • Javascript function working in Survey123 field app but not browser

    Hello!   I have created a javascript function to run in Survey123 Connect based on an example found on ESRI Events YouTube channel (Extending the Survey123 Field App - YouTube ). This function allows an inf...
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