• Image or audio field type - how to create a hidden caption field using relevant condition?

    Hi there,   I'm using Survey123 and have an image field and audio field in my survey. I text fields after each one for people to enter a caption/description of the attachment. I would like these to be hidden and...
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  • Survey123 Analyze Results not hiding or using labels for hidden fields

    Hi there,   I have a number of hidden fields in a survey. However, when I view the results in the Analyze Results page, it displays the hidden fields and uses their names (not labels).   Since I plan to sh...
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  • Survey123 Connect Relevant Formula if field value between two numbers

    I need help with the following formula to make a group of fields display based on a range of income and some other field values.   If apply_status = yes and entered_by = 211 -> display the group OR If appl...
  • Survey123 Windows Field App Not Downloading Surveys

    Good morning.   Since yesterday, I'm unable to download or refresh surveys in the Windows Survey123 application.   Please advise, since this is limiting my capability to test and verify any updates publish...
    created by jvarasanz
  • Survey123 not sending photo attachments

    My surveys have required image attachment and signature questions.  I attach the photos and sign in Survey123 and send the survey but I cannot see the photos send.  When I view the survey on the web form the...
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  • No geometry capture yet Survey123 (web)

    Hi   i created a survey with survey123 connector and add a geopoint question and set readonly , when i open the survey on a mobile device i touch the map  i look the location is good but i get the message ...
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  • Is there a single document that catalogs differences between Connect and Web designed surveys

    Hello, We are working to roll-out Survey123 to an entire department in our Organization. The questions that come up most often are around the differences between surveys designed with Connect and those designed on th...
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  • Survey123 - Inbox search two fields

    From the Survey123 Inbox listing.I would like to obtain from the search all the surveys that meet two conditions .. For example; I have the "name" and "city" fields, and I want to view the all surveys that have the na...
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  • Is there a way to create a drop down menu for existing data from a CSV on the Survey123 App? I'm having trouble linking my data.

    I've been trying to create a select_one question that allows the user to select an existing ID from a separate file but the pulldata code I'm using isn't working. Can anyone help?
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  • Using pulldata to gather live weather data

    Hello,   I have a Survey123 to collect data for environmental monitoring. I have a Geopoint feature and I wanted to see if it is possible to use the new pulldata function to get live weather data for those point...
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  • Survey123 Webform TypeError: Cannot read property 'require' of undefined

    Survey 123 form is attached. Was created in Survey123 Connect Ver 3.7. This survey was working several weeks ago but now when trying to open the webform I get the error :   Error: Initializing form...TypeError: C...
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  • Pulldata and ODK error

    I am trying to use a csv file in the media folder to pull into a question to auto fill. I am unable to share the exact data file due to the nature of our work however I have included generic screen shots.  Main ...
  • Survey123 Export Report Photos not showing

    Hi,    I am working on reporting functionality using survey123 custom report templates. It works great with the exception to the photos. But, only surveys entered in survey123 will add photos to the report....
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  • Problems with Survey 123 - Pull Data

    I am having trouble implementing the pulldata function using Survey123. I have a CSV file that contains road names and the district associated with the road. That CSV has been put into the media folder of my survey. I...
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  • Making the non-form background a different color

    How do I make a Survey123 form's non-form background when open in a web browser a different color?  In the attached image is what I get when open it normally in a web browser is on the left.  I would like to...
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  • Auto populate in Survey123 from existing feature attributes

    I am trying to use ArcGIS Online and Survey123 to create an inspection form that works against an existing feature. For example; I have a bunch of construction site points that I need to conduct various inspection on....
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  • Survey123 Publishing to Related Table Successfully, But Creating New Records in Related Feature Service?

    Hello!   My colleague Ian McNair and I have been around the ringer trying to figure out an issue with a survey we created on a related table. As far as we can tell, the survey was created successfully ...
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  • Help with Webhooks and App links

    Hello, I've created a survey123 form to assign work to various crews and I use webhooks (using MS Power Automate) to notify the crews via email when an assignment has been created for them.   I would like to inc...
  • Auto populate list from related table through URL?

    Is it possible to auto populate a drop down list of choices from a url?  I have a form for funding grants and then a form for funding projects. The user clicks on a polygon and fills out a form about funding gran...
  • Update a domain from Survey123 in the field

    I have a quick survey for field guys, and part of it is to add vehincle registrations. These registrations can be added to a picklist, but new vehicles could show up on site at any time and need to be logged.   ...
    created by ben_MGISS_UK