• Survey 123 not mapping addresses

    I made a copy of a previously used survey that correctly mapped addresses and the copy is only displaying one point on the map in the data tab that is not related to any of the collected addresses   Does anyon...
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  • Why does the Add Records thing happen and how to stop it

    Whenever I use repeat count I get a lot of weird things that happen.  The biggest one is the add records thing.  If it knows it needs 4 more then just add why make me click?   I get it so much that I...
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  • Survey123 web app - Possible to hide certain questions from shared results?

    Hello. We're using Survey123 (simple webapp) for a public survey.  We want to be able to share the survey results back out with the public.  However, one of the survey questions asks for e-mail addresses (so...
  • Passing Value from One Survey to Another

    Hello!   I have a survey that is being used by users for data collection that contain a few hidden fields to be used by admin users on the back end. Is it possible to populate another survey with the values from...
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  • Include variable from outside repeat in column of repeats table

    Hi all, I am currently trying to create a feature report template that contains a table with all the entries from a repeat describing geological layers (repeat name blue and questions within repeat green). I would no...
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  • Publishing Error for Survey123

    I added a few basic questions to the Small Business Impact Survey that comes from the Coronavirus Small Business Recovery solution and I am getting an error that it is unable to add feature service layer definition wi...
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  • Integromat

    Good Afternoon,   Is there anyway to filter data in Integromat that a feature report can be run on?  We have a bunch of data that needs filtered by site.
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  • Is it possible to pull data from the most recently submitted survey?

    I have a box in my survey for sample numbers and I'd love to prepopulate it with a calculation. The sample number is always X+1, where X is the previously collected sample number. Is it possible to pull data from...
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  • Survey123 Camera will not switch from selfie to rear view

    In survey123 the camera will not switch from selfie to rear facing on Android . i have granted permissions to the camera removed and reinstalled the app and still no joy. Anyone else have this issue? 
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  • Survey123 data published; ArcGIS Online: Error: accessing data failed

    I made some minor changes in the survey forms attached. Data for V2 is viewable in survey123 online, but the arcgis online map returns the title error and will not populate any data.   I can still submit additi...
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  • Repeat when relevant only shows plus sign

    By default a repeat will display one blank record to be completed by the user with the ability to add and delete records:     I would like to make the repeat relevant to a type (either conditional or fina...
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  • if in Calculation

    Hello anyone for what is wrong with this equation in a survey123 Calculation column   if(${tonnage_pct}<5, if(${temps_transport}<240,'oui','non'))   Thanks
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  • Data Lost When Saved as Draft

    Hi all, I've found since I've updated the Survey123 App on my phone (iPhone 8 using 11.3.1), that some surveys saved as a draft often lose some data when I re-edit the survey (but not all), this occurs quite regularly...
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  • How to export Survey123 to CSV using field names (not labels) for column headers?

    Is there a way to export Survey123 data to CSV using the field names (instead of labels) as column names?   I would like to use data from Survey123 to prepopulate the next data input with default values using pu...
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  • Survey123 Webhook isn't triggered when using Android devices

    Hi all,   We've set up a webhook for Survey123 with FME Server. The webhook triggers correctly if forms are sent with the field app from Apple devices (phones and tablets), or with the desktop app from a Microso...
  • Survey123 web form inconsistently triggering Integromat Webhook

    Hi All   I have a number of Survey123 forms that I've built and have configured webhooks in Integromat to output submitted data for each into a Google Sheet, and in some cases save submitted photos to Google Dri...
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  • Foreign font not showing properly in survey123/appstudio

    I need to create a survey that is readable in Lao font: Phetsarath OT    I have changed the font in the excel file for my survey, and also followed this workflow (Extending Survey123, Part 1: White Labeling...
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  • Calculated fields display in Survey123 Connect form preview, but not ArcGIS Online feature service

    I have a survey with numerous string fields (select one and select multiple questions) and want to create an integer field that provides a score based on what was entered into those string fields. In Survey123 Connect...
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  • Query non-spatial hosted table using Survey123 pulldata()

    I have the following use case: I have a Survey123 form to record start-up checks on vehicles. When the user enters a vehicle ID, I want to query a separate non-spatial hosted table to pull vehicle details using pulld...
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  • How do you Access Repeats from webhooks in 3.10

    I was extremely excited to see that repeats were going to be accessible from webhooks in 3.10, but I haven't seen anything showing how to access them yet.  I created a survey yesterday in 3.10 that had a repeat t...
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