• how to delete a record in a repeat of Survey123

    I have created a survey related to structures and occupants.  The Occupant portion of the survey is a repeat that needs to be updated.  When creating a totally new record (structure + occupants) the delete b...
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  • Invalid token : error 498

    HI,  I am trying to use an existing  feature service to create my survey. We published the feature layer but I get 'invalid token error :498 whenever I am trying to create a survey from that feature se...
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  • Image question w/annotate appearance fails on submit on portal?

    Hi all,   Wondering if anyone has run into this?   In Survey123 Connect - create a new survey from the Advanced Template Open the XLSForm in Survey123 Connect Add a question - type = Image, name = img_an...
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  • Survey123 Error: "Survey does not exist or is unavailable"

    I created numerous surveys for field collection using the Design tab in the web application. We collect data using the app on iPads. These forms have worked well and we have collected hundreds of records. In recent da...
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  • Survey123 notification of image (in data)

    I am looking for a easier solution for...if someone inserts an image (takes a photo or inserts) in a image question, that within the data table, a "image_attached" fills a cell in the data form.   Basically...
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  • Default values not added to survey123 report

    Hello,   I've created a Survey123 form and custom word document for the Feature Report Tool. I have some default values added to some of the answers (to save field staff from manually adding them in). The defaul...
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  • Can I modify a Survey123 map legend

    I created a survey and the map legend has some text next to the icon. Is there a way to edit or remove that text. It isn't renaming the layer. That doesn't change the text by the icon.
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  • Upcoming changes to Survey123 web form's query parameters

    What is changing?   Survey123 version 3.4 introduced the ability in the Survey123 web app (aka web form) to update existing GIS features  using the mode=edit URL query parameter. More details about the mod...
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  • How I can get "repeat values" individually to calculate them separately?

    Hi,   I'm working on smart form of maintenance activities by XLSForm and trying to calculate the weightage of each question to evaluate the priorities of taking action based on the final score of the survey...
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  • Custom URL for Survey123 web form?

    Is there a way to open a Survey123 web form and pass field parameters to the web form?Here is what I want to do: I want to create a hyperlink to open the Survey123 web form and pre-populate fields, including passing t...
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  • How can I give the user different list based on the answers to previous questions?

    I am trying to create a structure inspection survey. The inspector takes specific photos based on the structure type and orientation. The user will select a structure type (Bridge/Culvert), then will select the orien...
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  • Survey123 & Integromat

    Hello,   I am wondering if anyone could help me figure out some issues I am having with Integromat and Survey123 data.   Issue #1: I need up to 12 photos to pass from survey123 through integromat and be pl...
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  • Constraint on Calculated Data

    I have a select_one question with 5 potential responses. I have a corresponding integer question that is filled in based upon the results from the select_one. I have a calculation on the integer question that either r...
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  • Date in a different language as english in a feature report

    Hi everybody, I published a survey in German, my ESRI-account, my field-devices and my web-browsers are configured in German too, but when I try to export a date in a report (like ${Datum|format:"dddd DD. MMMM YYYY"}...
    created by bilgot
  • "Sending Data"  spins and spins

    We have a survey published to ArcGIS Enterprise and targets an existing feature service.   When I add a new data from Survey123 Windows(Version 3.757), the data posts to feature service just fine, but the sc...
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  • Displaying more surveys in My Surveys page.

    Only 6 surveys at a time appear in the My Surveys page before the user scrolls down. Is there any way to display more? Like can the thumbnail be removed and only show the text, or can surveys be grouped into categori...
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  • Survey123 project with existing data, base on existing features or related tables?

    Hi, I am currently working on a Survey123 project for surveying known addresses.  I will be using an Enterprise Portal and build the survey in Survey123 Connect.  The survey will have pictures as attach...
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  • Survey123 Error with Calculation Bind Attached Unexpected Beginning

    Trying to use Survey123 XLSForm to do a calucation based on a  few fields inside the form.  I keep getting this error.  I have all the bind:esrifieldtype set to double.  the syntax for the p1distan...
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  • Operation Rolled Back error when editing sent surveys with repeats?

    Good morning,   I have created a survey that creates and edits records in a related table. Part of the requirements was to allow the survey to update an existing record that was created in the survey. I have the...
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  • Viewing Survey123 form on Web-Pale blue "wrapper"?

    I just published a survey from ArcGIS Connect that will be accessed by the public via a web form. In connect, I matched my survey to my agency's style guide (background color, text color, etc.) and was happy with the ...
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