• "What Can Submitter Do" configuration BUG- Data tab Breaks for Survey Owner

    Hi ArcGIS Survey123 Team,  We recently opened a support case (Case #02545733) regarding an issue found with the S123 Web configuration for "What Can Submitter Do".   When "Only Add New Records" i...
  • Using web map from AGOL in Survey123- secured layers not loading anymore at 3.9?

    I have a survey that was created using Survey123 Connect v 3.7. I had a web map from my AGOL linked to this survey so I could use it as a basemap. Although it was slow to load it was working and all layers were loadin...
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  • Way to summarize existing items inside a repeat?

    Is there a way to summarize, as a list, certain items from within a repeat?  Say using a note field?   For example, we want to do repeated surveys (weekly) at locations.  So we have a single form where...
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  • Edit a survey and send an email

    Is it possible to trigger an email when someone edits a survey? Would it have to be edited through survey123 web or could it be edited though collector?   Example: Township admin submits an issue through survey1...
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  • Need to disable use current location functionality in Survey123

    I have developed a survey123 application using the Advanced form development in Survey123 Connect. I have a use case where I want to send the geopoint via URL to the survey form for the user to "lock in" their locatio...
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  • Reading data from CSV

    Hello, I've a CSV file with a list of ID numbers. What I'd like to do is to read the column ID from the CSV and load all the values in a "select_one" combo on my form in Survey123. I know how to read the CSV file us...
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  • Choice list_names for surveys generated from web feature domains do not work

    With domains generated by ArcGIS Online, choice_filter mysteriously does not work. Without a choice_filter, the choices display correctly. Here's a way to reproduce this problem: Create a web feature layer Online. A...
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  • Survey123 for Coronavirus Support: Connecting Helpers and Need

    Hi All,       As with everyone else, we are trying to address where our small organization can help play a role for our community in the midst of the Coronavirus.  An obvious need here in our area...
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  • Crowdsourced Grocery Store Reports Dashboard

    FYI: Twitter user Holly Torpey created a Survey123 form to help people gather and share information about their local grocery stores. This is an excellent GIS crowdsourcing project, designed to help your neighbors min...
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  • Editor Settings for Add Only is not including Attachments

    Hello,   I am using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 (Portal) and I have a Hosted Feature Layer View that has a Layer and a few related Tables.  I wish to enabled the Editor Settings so that Editors can only Add fe...
  • Weird Decimal issues when a number is X.9

    Not sure what is going on here but when you try to sum numbers that end in .9 it does weird things.   I tried .1 through .8 and it works just fine.  Just .9 is off   All 3 and Decimal type with a fo...
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  • Pulldata Expression not Working

    I've tried everything I could think of to get this expression to work but it seems like it only looks at the choice tab, not the CSV I have saved in the media folder. I'm hoping someone can see what I'm doing wrong. I...
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  • Survey123 Connect Publish to Portal Fails with JSONObject[\"timeInterval\"] not found

    Hello all, and thanks for reading. First, my environment: Survery123 Connect 2.6.4 ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 (single server deployment on Windows)I Authentication: built-in Portal identity, over http (was using IWA ov...
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  • Pre-loading location data in Survey 123-help!

    Hi all,   Many of my agency's mobile data collection has thus far been accomplished using the Fulcrum application, but a few our of groups requested switching over to Survey123/Collector. In Fulcrum, I typically...
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  • Backups while offline on iOS

    We go on 8 day hitches to collect data.  We are offline the entire time.  Crew is hiking so cannot bring too many extras.   Our people are very concerned there is no way to back up while in the field.&...
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  • Seeking help w/ Grid Theme and Pages with Survey 123

    Who has had luck with the grid theme, and possibly even grid theme and survey123 pages  I've played around with the sample provided, but can't seem to make this work for my form - and it would really benefit...
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  • Survey 123 not exporting correct time to excel

    Hi there,   I've created a survey in Survey 123 and have selected DateTime as a field type and am having trouble getting the correct time to show up when I export the collected data to an excel file.  In su...
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  • Survey123 users with access to items beyond their group

    We have a series of groups within our organisation, and recently we have set up a user and group for field surveyors so they can only find and edit certain items. Bear in mind the this Field Surveyor user is only a me...
  • Bug with calculations on repeats in Survey123 Connect?

    I'm working on an irrigation schedule form in Survey123 and I have a section where I'm stumped because my calculations are coming out wrong but I can't determine why.   The basic calculation data entry goes as f...
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  • Usability Suggestion - Update All Forms

    Hello, We have small usability suggestion for Survey123 (one word ). The scenario is as follows, we have 15 users and 25 forms, and a choice value that changes on a monthly basis.  So every month our 15 users ne...
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