• Complicated equations in calculate for xls forms survey123?

    Hello,    we we are currently using survey123 for collecting field data on aquatic organism passage barriers in the field. Our survey is set up with a repeat that equates to a table relate for each pipe at ...
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  • Orthometric Heights (MSL) and GNSS Configuration on Survey123 field app

    I'm using a gnss gps (Trimble Catalyst) with the Survey123 field app and Collector (Android), the Trimble Catalyst is used with the Trimble Mobile Manager app. the Trimble Mobile Manager ALTITUDE ...
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  • sing-in Survey 123

    I used in previous versions of survey123 connected to an Arcgis Portal and it worked fine, then this portal was disabled and I want to use Survey123 with arcgis online but when I click Sing In I get this error. "web p...
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  • Transfer ownership of survey to another user

    Hello,   I have a survey being used by multiple members within and outside of my organization. I've authored and published this survey and the feature class, etc under my AGO credentials (therefore the feature c...
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  • Adding Images/Attachments to Survey in INBOX

    Anyone have experience with adding photos to an existing survey through the Inbox? Or potential workaround?  We have office technicians that will be adding points to our feature layer (in portal), the field crew/...
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  • Nested repeats will not check for required fields

    I have a nested repeat like this The nested repeat is shown as 1 of 2 above.  It has a required a little farther up that i cannot fit in the image. But looks like   The issue is if I advance the outsid...
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  • Collaborate through Survey123 Website - can't load map

    Hello guys,   Just started with Survey123 and created a very simple survey and published it to Portal. But when I try to use the option "Open the survey in the browser directly" from the Collaborate menu on the ...
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  • Creating a Related Table Image Hyperlink in a Web App Pop-up

    When adding images to existing surveys from the users inbox is there a way to create an image link in the Web App features pop-up like Ismael did in this Blog Post for editing? Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Edi...
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  • Survey123 web form multilanguage support constraint_message error

    Hello, Esri Community!! My question is about Survey123 multilanguage support. I've noticed a strange behavior when I've created a multilanguage version of the Survey123 web form with 3 languages support (English defau...
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  • Survey123 and Integromat

    I have created a survey123 survey integrated with Integromat that triggers an email to be sent when an inspection is submitted via Microsoft Outlook email. It works such that the email address embed in the survey gets...
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  • Date issue; date field shows one day back

    Hi!   I am new in Survey123. I have a survey form which is about collecting information about de-mined hazard areas. In the report date field the surveyors enter the correct date but when I download the informat...
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  • Integromat, Survey123 Report, Portal for ArcGIS

    Can you create a scenario in integromat that will email a survey123 report if using Portal for ArcGIS?
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  • Geoform - limit geolocation to an area inside border

    Hello, I need to limit possibility of submissions in Geoform app to only one region, so that users can't post a submission outside the border of that specific area. Is that posible with some ArcGIS tool and how? Thank...
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  • Joining surveys best practices

    Hello, I'm having trouble joining surveys and making them available while still retaining all the features from the original surveys (i.e. multiple choice options).   I've tried joining them and creating a featu...
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  • Survey 123 - Using geoshape as geometry causes submission error

    When using geoshape as geometry the survey returns an error on submission that it cannot map a Polygon object to a type. (No mapping exists from object type ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Geometry.Polygon to a known managed provi...
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  • Survey123 and Power Automate (formerly MS Flow)

    I have followed along and can successfully customize and send emails when a survey is submitted. However, I was wondering how I can trigger the email to go specific people based on an answer in the survey?   My ...
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  • "What Can Submitter Do" configuration BUG- Data tab Breaks for Survey Owner

    Hi ArcGIS Survey123 Team,  We recently opened a support case (Case #02545733) regarding an issue found with the S123 Web configuration for "What Can Submitter Do".   When "Only Add New Records" i...
  • Using web map from AGOL in Survey123- secured layers not loading anymore at 3.9?

    I have a survey that was created using Survey123 Connect v 3.7. I had a web map from my AGOL linked to this survey so I could use it as a basemap. Although it was slow to load it was working and all layers were loadin...
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  • Way to summarize existing items inside a repeat?

    Is there a way to summarize, as a list, certain items from within a repeat?  Say using a note field?   For example, we want to do repeated surveys (weekly) at locations.  So we have a single form where...
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  • Edit a survey and send an email

    Is it possible to trigger an email when someone edits a survey? Would it have to be edited through survey123 web or could it be edited though collector?   Example: Township admin submits an issue through survey1...
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