• Survey123 Inbox: load Survey data from filtered Feature-Layer

    Hello everyone!   We published a survey with Survey123 Connect with an existing feature-service. Everything is working until the point that our colleagues wish to retrieve the sent surveys in the inbox to collec...
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  • Backup workflow

    Just curious how people are backing up their data/surveys and any tips/tricks? My base assumption is just download as FGDB from AGOL for each survey. I think there was a mention/post about running a script/scheduler e...
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  • Write to Same Related Table within One Form

    I would like to see an enhancement that would allow writing to the same related table from different parts of an inspection form. For example, we are performing an inventory on a system. We would like to be able to wa...
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  • Adding Images/Attachments to Survey in INBOX

    Anyone have experience with adding photos to an existing survey through the Inbox? Or potential workaround?  We have office technicians that will be adding points to our feature layer (in portal), the field crew/...
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  • Data Collection - Survey123 or Collector for ArcGIS

    I have a project which where I would like to administer a survey that consists two parts – 1stare demographic questions on respondents and then 2ndpart are questions that collect data on feelings of safety and w...
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  • 1K, 5K,10K ... pushing the limit on External Choices in Survey123

    Ever wondered how many external choices can you have before Survey123 maybe chokes on you?  Well I am here to tell you that I have been consistently able to publish surveys with anywhere between 70K-120...
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  • Android OS or not

    looking at getting a tablet with an Android OS, or should I get windows?  Will this matter using survey123 connect and I also have collector.  Thoughts.   Thanks
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  • Announcing a handy tool to generate Survey123 URLs

    I'm excited to announce a web-based app for the Geonet Community that generates Survey123-schema URLs and buttons for web map popups for integrating Collector and Survey123. The app creates a button with the...
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  • Reading data from CSV

    Hello, I've a CSV file with a list of ID numbers. What I'd like to do is to read the column ID from the CSV and load all the values in a "select_one" combo on my form in Survey123. I know how to read the CSV file us...
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  • Passing value from main form to url

     am trying to pass a parameter form  the main form to another form as link. it works well when you set a value   concat('<a href="arcgis-survey123://?itemID=ec998f5e1d984bc5bb139c6e85040e7f&field...
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  • Error generating reports after Survey123 update

    See attached screen shot. I have several users who cannot generate reports (different surveys, but all are set up the same). These are existing surveys with existing templates that worked before today. The RemarksText...
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  • Error 400 Unable to add feature service definition

    I dug through the posts on this one and No double field names First time ever publishing   What else could it be?   Form attached.   Thanks
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  • IE 11 not working/being slow Survey123

    I saw that Survey123 supports IE11 but it's being awfully slow or we're getting an error saying "arcgis.com is not responding due to a long running script" in submitting the form. I have a repeat within it as well as ...
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  • ArcPro is not allowing editing of 123 forms that have new list items added

    We know that if you publish a form with a select_one list it will create domain values.  But it only does this on the first publish.  If you add more values later the domain is not updated.   Well the ...
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  • Transfer ownership of survey to another user

    Hello,   I have a survey being used by multiple members within and outside of my organization. I've authored and published this survey and the feature class, etc under my AGO credentials (therefore the feature c...
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  • Controlling when field validation happens

    My users have been getting pretty confused with field validation.   Most of my forms have several pages with a middle page having a repeat.  If a user enters a bad value in a repeat and tries to add a repea...
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  • Question about spaces in Survey123 Connect "name" fields of choices

    Based on this document about integrating Survey123 with other apps, there is currently a bug in Survey123 where the labels and name fields of choices in choice lists need to be identical in order to pass filled v...
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  • Cannot access any surveys via survey123.arcgis.com/ this morning

    None of my users can access surveys via the website this morning. There have also been a lot of random time outs and generally poor performance with the website over the last week or 2. Is Esri aware of these issues?
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  • Survey 123 in dev mode  Attachments

    When i try to use our own portal as dev mode using survey123 URL opened in Browser. it is working as expected . But when i try to use Signature or image Upload attachments. The attahments are not adding into _ATTACH t...
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  • Bug in Advanced Connect Template in bind::type Validation

    The Advanced template that appears in Connect v3.3.51 has a bug in the data validation for the bind::type column. The data validation cell references are off by two, probably due to some insertion on types sheet....
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