• End of life for Survey123 on Android 5.x (and older versions) in March 2021

    Esri is planning to drop support for Android 5.x and older versions in ArcGIS runtime in December 2020.  Since Survey123 uses the ArcGIS Runtime to display maps within the mobile app, this means that shortly afte...
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  • What is your choice for tablet OS with Survey123?

    Wandering if Windows tablets are used often for data collection with Survey123 form.
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  • Which Operating System Do You Use for the Survey123 Field App and Why?

    When choosing a device for field work, the operating system plays a big role. Each one will interact with certain apps differently, which may influence your decision.   You might be buying new devices, or just c...
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  • Clear by Tap or Tap & Hold?

    This is the first time I use a Poll in GeoNet, lets see how it goes.  Terri Sutcliffe  described an issue where field users would mistakenly clear a response in a survey question by accidentally pushing the ...
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