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[Updated March 28, 2020]

[Updated April 3, 2020]

What is changing?


Survey123 version 3.4 introduced the ability in the Survey123 web app (aka web form) to update and view existing GIS features using the mode URL query parameter. Essentially, this query parameter allows you to pass the objectId of an existing GIS feature to preload data into a web form to view or update its contents. More details about use cases and syntax can be found at:



We will be introducing changes to the mode query parameter in version 3.9, replacing the use of objectId with globalId as the means to set the GIS feature record to be updated or viewed. For example:



* [Update March 28,2020] To facilitate migration to the globalId parameter, we will be extending support for the objectId parameter until 3.10.


3.8 and earlier versionsSupportedNot supported
3.9SupportedSupportedUse this version to migrate!
3.10 and beyondNot supportedSupported


Why are we making this change?


The use of globalId to set the GIS feature to be updated is less susceptible to manipulation by end users.


How will this change affect me?


This change can potentially break existing workflows where static or dynamic links are used to update/view existing features using a web form. For example:


  • If you have embedded a web form within a dashboard to edit the selected record from a list element, this change in Survey123 query parameters can break your existing Survey123-Dashboard integration.
  • If you have a custom web map pop-up with a link to a survey web form in edit mode, this change may break your workflow.
  • If you have shared static HTML links in websites, e-mails or by other means, the links may stop loading the data to be updated.


Any survey published prior to 3.9 will continue to work normally and without modification to the query parameter, unless version locking is disabled or the survey is republished with 3.9 or a newer version.  


What should I do about this?


Now that 3.9 is released, it is time to act:


  1. Start now documenting web applications or workflows where you make use of the mode=edit or mode=view URL parameter.
  2. Re-publish your surveys affected and switch your URL calls from using the objectId parameter, to using the globalId parameter.


3.8 and earlier versionsSupportedNot supported
3.9SupportedSupportedUse this version to migrate!
3.10 and beyondNot supportedSupported

We recently applied a minor patch to the Survey123 website, web app and report service. This is a very focused update addressing five issues recently reported.


  1. BUG-000128390 Surveys created and accessed through the Survey123 for ArcGIS website returns the error message, "Survey does not exist or is not accessible" when special characters exist in question or choice labels. Thanks to Jeff Carney and Kanin Sangcharoenvanakul for their Survey 123 web Form Error discussion.
  2. BUG-000128110 A geopoint question added from Survey123 web designer will not render correctly in the Survey123 field app.
  3. Surveys published from Survey123 Connect after January 21 do not render DateTime questions correctly in the Survey123 web app. Thanks to Jônatas Lima Póvoas for reporting the problem.
  4. Surveys published to ArcGIS Enterprise cause the Survey123 Report service to fail if "Include default maps" is enabled in through the Maps settings in Survey123 Connect. Thanks to Kanchana Karthikeyan for reporting this issue.
  5. Surveys published from Survey123 Connect will cause the Survey123 Report service to fail if the target feature layer is missing Editor Tracking fields. Thanks Mervyn Lotter for reporting and helping out with the diagnosis and validation.


For fixes to issues #2 and #3 to take effect, you will need to re-publish your survey.



We have also made available in the Early Adopter Community | Esri Early Adopter Program new updates to version 3.9 via the latest Survey123 3.9 RC builds. 3.9 is scheduled for release in April. We are targeting the inclusion of new features including:


  • Survey update notifications in the field app.
  • Replacement of the Geopoint question type with a new Map question type with support for point, line and polygons.
  • Expanded Survey123 report syntax: Statistics and summary tables.


Check the Early Adopter Community announcements for details.

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