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We just released a minor update to Survey123 including a few high priority fixes. Here are the highlights:


Survey123 Website


  • Submit photos in public surveys where query capabilities are disabled: This is quite a critical fix for all of you working with public surveys involving sensitive data.  Starting with this update, you can protect data from your public surveys by disabling queries in your survey feature layer and allow anonymous users to submit data and photos. We announced this issue as resolved for the Survey123 field app in a previous update and now this update to the Survey123 web app completes the fix so you can submit from either the Survey123 web or native apps. For more details on working with Public Surveys and disabling queries to protect your data, refer to Getting Started with Public Surveys 

The fix described above will take effect on all newly published surveys. If you already have a survey published and you are running into this issue, then you will need to republish the survey (from Connect or Web Designer as appropriate).  Republishing your survey will not cause the loss of any previously captured data.  In the event that any data needs to be deleted during the publishing process, then you will be warned in advance.  For details on situations where republishing a survey may cause data loss refer to the Publish your survey—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS help topic.

  • BUG-000114225 Report generated from the Survey123 for ArcGIS website shows incorrect time. Also discussed at date/time error on report beta .This now has been fixed.


Survey123 Field App (Build 3.0.149)


The Survey123 Field App has been updated across all supported platforms. You can download it into your mobile device from the Google Play, Amazon and Apple app stores.


  • Missing data in the first record of a repeat group when the survey is open from the Inbox, Draft, Sent or Outbox folders or the repeat_count XLSForm column is used: This issue has been described through BUG-000115742, BUG-000115754 as well as GeoNet threads including problem when using a repeat count limit, in survey123 mobile app only , Data Lost When Saved as Draft and Can you edit a repeat of an already submitted record?   Thanks to all who helped us narrow down the issue and/or validated the fix through the Survey123 Early Adopter Program.
  • Fixes to autocomplete appearance: The autocomplete appearance is used to provide auto-suggest (or auto-complete) capabilities to lists in Survey123. This update includes a handful of important fixes to problems you reported. For example, autocomplete now supports the use of default values, html formatting for choice labels in the list (see details athtml formating select one list) and also shows previously entered data when working with surveys open from the Inbox (referenced by Stefano Mauri at Populate select_one question with a value from asset).  For completeness on the status of the autocomplete appearance, you should also know that there is still some work pending regarding calculations and autocomplete. Specifically, calculations will not trigger automatically when your survey record is open from the Inbox, Sent or Draft folders, if you choose to apply the autocomplete appearance to your select_one question (this fix is targeted for our 3.1 release in October 2018).
  • Added error explanation when attempting to submit to a feature service that doesn't allow users to add features: This caused a headache to Carl Holt and we do not want that to happen! See the Send Error Geonet thread for details.
  • Fixed override issues on geopoint questions: This issue is described in detail at Survey123 calculating geopoint defaults back to GPS  In short, with this release, the location from your device will no longer override the value of a geopoint question if an expression is added to the XLSForm calculation column.  This ensures that the geopoint value will always be set from your calculation.
  • Strike-through fix on labels of choices: As described by Braden Burkholder, the labels of choices in dropdown lists were stroked-through in some specific conditions (select_one with minimal appearance within a repeat, with a relevant statement applied and set as required). The issue, which is described at Strikethrough on Repeat Records  has been addressed in this update.  Thanks Branden for finding the problem and helping us validate the fix too through the Early Adopter Program!



Other Notes


  • Survey123 Connect (Build 3.0.142) has also been update. This release of Survey123 Connect includes very minor fixes.
  • We have not made available the source code of this update with AppStudio for ArcGIS. This update is built using AppStudio for ArcGIS version 3.1, which is still not publicly available. We will get the source code in AppStudio up to date once 3.1 is released in September 2018.
  • A What is New historic archive is available at What's new in Survey123—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 
  • Our next planned release is 3.1, which is targeted for October 2018. If you would like to learn more about what is coming with the release and want to test your production surveys with it, I encourage you to sign up to our Survey123 Early Adopter Program.  Key features planned for 3.1 include:

    • Keep attention to and provide fixes to critical software defects that may get on your way.
    • Add support for working with external GNSS receivers in the Survey123 field app, so you can not only get more accurate location data, but also be able to store all GNSS metadata from the device (FixType, VDOP, HDOP, Num of Satellites, FixTime, Horizontal Accuracy etc)
    • Add support for Question Piping in both the Survey123 field and web apps, so you can embed within the label of a question a response to a previous question in your form.

This update is focused on the Survey123 field app and Survey123 Connect, which have been updated across all supported platforms. The new build number for the Field app is 3.0.144 and is available in the Apple, Google Play and Amazon App Stores. You can also download the Survey123 app and Survey123 Connect build 3.0.138, from our Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS download page.


This is a maintenance release introducing a handful of fixes. Here are the most important:


BUG-000111702 : Surveys created using Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS apply a restriction on high resolution photos when the photo is taken using the camera within the application, even when the image settings are set to unrestricted.


This issue was also raised through Survey123 is it possible to upload original resolution photos? and Survey123 photo ratio differences 


For context, Survey123 Connect includes a number of settings that let the author of a survey control the size of images uploaded into ArcGIS. The Image settings can be accessed as shown in the next animation.  Up until this release, the 'Unrestricted' mode was not working properly because images where being reduced in size.



The image size setting applies to photos taken with the built-in Survey123 camera. Images selected from your photo gallery in the device are uploaded to ArcGIS without modification.


When using Unrestricted mode or when browsing for local photos, be aware that files larger than 10Mb will not upload into ArcGIS Online.   If working with ArcGIS Enterprise, you can set the maximum size of files to be uploaded as described at Uploads—ArcGIS REST API: Services Directory | ArcGIS for Developers 


BUG-000114671 : Survey123 for ArcGIS 2.8.2 crashes on iOS 11.4 when the Record Audio button is pressed if Thai or Arabic language is listed in the iOS Operating System Language and Region Settings for Preferred Language Order list.


BUG-000115406 : Surveys made in the Survey123 website using JPEG thumbnails display blank/incorrect thumbnails when downloaded in Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS and the Survey123 field app.


Calculations behavior : This is a change dealing with the behavior of XLSForm calculations in surveys from the Drafts, Sent and Inbox folders.  There are a number of GeoNet discussions highlighting the issue such as Calculate field not working properly after saving a draft.


More than a software defect, this is a matter of defining what the correct behavior should be for calculations when a form is loaded from the Drafts/Sent/Inbox folders. We have been going back and forth on this one based on your input, initially always re-calculating and overwriting values, then disabling calculations on the initial load. Starting with this update, we have implemented a solution that falls somewhere in between. We want to thank all of you who have worked with us through the Early Adopter Program and this GeoNet Group to define a logical solution that works in your use cases.


In short, XLSForm Calculations will execute when your form is initially loaded from the Draft, Sent and Inbox folders. If the output of the calculation is different to the value found in the corresponding question, then we will enable the 'refresh' button on the question to let the end-user decide if the previously existing response should be overwritten. If the output of the calculation is the same as already found in the question, then no refresh button will be shown to the end-user and the value will remain untouched.  In either case, calculations will continue to trigger as usual as the form gets edited by the end-user.


Geopoint questions set to null within a repeat : As described in a discussion under this post The Power of Nothing , geopoint questions within a repeat could not be set to a null esriFieldType. This problem has now been addressed.



We are planning to release a couple more fixes-only maintenance updates before our 3.1 release. Please keep your feedback coming through Esri Tech Support and this GeoNet Group.  As usual, we will do our best to be responsive to your requests.  The next fixes-only update is tentatively scheduled around the end of August, in just a couple of weeks.


Other notes:


  • For an archive of What is New in Survey123, please refer to our documentation topic: What's new in Survey123—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 
  • The source code of the Survey123 for ArcGIS AppStudio Enterprise Template will not be updated until our 3.1 release (tentatively planned for October 2018).  The most recent builds of Survey123 were built using AppStudio 3.1, which is still not publicly available.

After some valuable inputs I have reworked this example to cater for the GOTCHA where a user deletes an image in the middle of the sequence of photos - lets hope its fool proof now! It definitely isnt perfect but hopefully it gives someone else out there an idea of what can be done - and with a little extra effort make it completely fool proof...


Do you have the requirement that your field workers might want to take/attach multiple photos to a survey but you dont want to use a repeat to capture them, since you know its harder to access those photos later?  Just adding multiple image fields to your survey leaves your user interface cluttered like this:


Thats pretty ugly right?


One solution to unclutter the interface is to show the second photo field only once a user has already taken a photo. And after the user took the second photo, the third photo field becomes available... etc etc...


That can be achieved easily by setting the relevant field of each photo field with a calculation such as checking the value of the previous photo field:



The trick to get this to work when a user decides to delete a photo in the middle of a sequence of photos already added is to do the relevant calculation only once with the help of the once() function.


Doesn't this look much less cluttered:


After taking the first photo, the second one is opened up: