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Story Maps for Education

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Hi T3G-ers! If you attended the edsummit at #esriuc this year, I'd like you to steal this StoryMap I made for my principal. Make a copy, change the details, and use it to make sure she/he knows how valuable this conference is to your professional development.    Fun tip: I learned that all of the sessions I attended during the conference were…
Hi All how i can create facebook and other social media share button on new story map  ?
in Story Maps for Education
Does anyone know how the story map treasure hunts are constructed? Is there a template available?
in Story Maps for Education
There have long been StoryMap Walking Tours in the galleries.  I would love to see these tours improved by the use of GPS positioning for someone using the StoryMap to navigate a new area -- cultural sites, stores taking part in a sidewalk sale, rides at an amusement park, etc.     Adding the ability to locate/track/follow someone on a mobile…