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Interested in AI, machine learning, or deep learning? If so, be sure to join our next free live training seminar on October 24. ArcGIS Deep Learning Tools for Imagery is a one-hour seminar that will take you through the latest capabilities and workflows to create an object-detection deep learning model and extract features from large imagery… (Show more)
Welcome to our new Esri science portfolio site! Science underpins everything that Esri produces. We develop for and support a number of sciences. We're very excited about all the things that we're doing across all the environmental sciences, and into the social sciences and digital humanities. This is embedded in what we do—to strengthen the… (Show more)
How can you use the python 2.7 version (version with download of ArcGIS 10) with juypter notebook which comes with ArcGIS Pro download?
in Data Science
The ArcGIS Spatial Analyst team would like to get your feedback about the extension. We would appreciate if you will take a moment to answer the questions in this survey. Thank you for helping us making a better product.   Again, here is the link to the survey:   Thank you!   The Spatial Analyst team
Hello everyone!   I am working on training an mask rcnn model to detect an object from a feature layer I have. I have aerial imagery and a feature layer with polygons of objects that I want to detect with the mask rcnn. I have run the export data for deep learning geoprocessing tool, and the resulting output is a folder with a few files and two… (Show more)
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 A new Esri Press book, GIS for Science: Applying Mapping & Spatial Analytics, edited by Dawn Wright and Christian Harder, is due for release this summer, time for the UC. Every attendee of the Esri Science Symposium on Tuesday of the UC will receive a free copy.   This book is about how many things geospatial, including geospatial data science,… (Show more)