What is Esri’s role in geospatial infrastructure?

Blog Post created by jsaligoe-esristaff Employee on Aug 13, 2020

Esri delivers a platform that encompasses and addresses all of the components of geospatial infrastructure—the people, data, technology, and science that allows organizations to visualize, analyze, plan, and act. The ArcGIS platform is engineered to tackle workflows and create solutions that integrate geographic knowledge for a greater understanding that underpins evidence-based decision making.


Learn more about geospatial infrastructure in the UC 2020 Plenary session: "GIS – Interconnecting Our World, Jack Dangermond" (16m:21s)


In the areas of geospatial infrastructure that Esri doesn’t own—such as constellations of earth observing satellites or data collection devices—we work directly with partners to ensure that our platform can ingest and manage data and work well on any device.


Esri’s geospatial infrastructure supports organizations and industries at many scales, uniting distributed information and making GIS accessible to everyone.


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