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Many sessions and events at the UC are related to your Geospatial Collaborative’s organization, engagement, capacity building, and data & technology initiatives. Listed below are some favorites to help you find sessions organized by the topics that interest you most:


Download the Flier

Esri UC 2020: SDI and Geospatial Collaboratives Sessions Flier.pdf

SDI and Geospatial Collaboratives Session

UC Expo – Technical Workshop
Implementing Next Generation SDI with ArcGIS*

Audience: Executive Sponsors, GIOs, GIS Managers, GIS Council Members and Stakeholders in government, industry, NGOs, higher education

Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) are rapidly evolving. Together, the internet and cloud computing are transforming the way organizations manage data and collaborate. Web GIS is significantly easier to use, deploy, and integrate into an SDI ecosystem than traditional system. Whether you call it an NSDI, OneMap, Regional Information System, Geoportal, or otherwise, SDI are pervasive at all levels of government and across many sectors. In this session you will learn how to leverage the ArcGIS platform to create new value for your SDI. Use ArcGIS Online and Hub with Open Data to set up a standards-compliant multi-organizational data sharing portal that will delight your partners and end-users.

*Join the Open Platform team virtually July 13-16, 2020 in the UC Expo for this and related on-demand Workshops and Demo Theater Presentations.

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