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Hi,   I am trying to edit the output of a layer dynamically in a map service based on a definition query using the SOE and doesnt get to update the Feature dataset of a layer. If anyone had implemented a similar requirement then please let me know if this is possible and what would be right interface for it. Thanks in advance.   Thanks, Vijay 
Can a SOI have a Property Page? I can see how to do one for an SOE, but I tried the same way with an SOI and it didn't work. Maybe I missing a step.
I need to upload two REST SOE to ArcGIS Server. They are technically same and I just copied second one from the first and renamed the project and built it but when I tried to upload the second SOE ArcGIS server Complained that so I tried to change some configurations at second SOE as 1- in Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs I changed [assembly:… (Show more)
When I publish a service to our Server through ArcMap, the ability to turn on the Cityworks SOE is available as are many other options.  Those options are also available within ArcGIS Server Manager.  If I publish a Service through ArcGIS Pro, I have no option to turn on the Cityworks SOE.  I also do not have the option to turn on the Cityworks… (Show more)