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We have a map service that presents a boundary. It has one layer, a polygon which is the boundary.   Working on an simple SOE that takes a point and runs an intersect to return a boolean.   Have passed in point working fine.  In fact, everything seems to be working fine, except how to get polygon.   How do I get the geometry of the layer from… (Show more)
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Hello, I am trying to change update a SOE via Python script. I am using /arcgis/admin/uploads/upload POST request, but I am getting an error.   # minimal example of changing an SOE import arcpy, os, httplib, json, socket, sys, urllib, requests username = 'admin' password = 'enter_password_here' # get IPV4 address hostname = socket.gethostname()… (Show more)
We had a custom SOE solution developed to perform a trace on a geometric network of pipes, valves, connections, and hydrants. Our service area has over 500,000 connections, 170,000 pipes, 150,000 valves, and 80,000 hydrants. This SOE integrates with Cityworks, so we can log valves being turned on and off. We are hoping that field crews can utilize… (Show more)
Hello,   When users calls applyEdits on our FeatureService, and get's something wrong with the request - it just returns "unable to complete operation". Is it possible, to somehow get the detailed error (from SOI), so I could change the response, and append detailed error message? I know - detailed message is logged in the ArcGIS server logs, but… (Show more)
Is it possible to add a Server Object Interceptor to a service programmatically? For example, via ArcPy? If so, can anyone point me to some documentation or examples? It would be very convenient to have the process of adding different SOIs to different services automated, rather than doing it manually with ArcGIS Server Manager whenever SOIs are… (Show more)
Good morning, Hello dears, Last Tuesday i was trying to create Map used by Arcpy and last day also. I was using If-elif-else statement. but i was face face issue. which i attach in bellow. Please help me to find that problem....
Hi: I've got a couple SOE's that I've built.  But as I'm learning more about hosted services and "Shared Instance" configurations, neither of these workflows support SOE's..  I'm just wondering if there's any thoughts about allowing SOE's to somehow be integrated into "hosted services" or "Shared Instance" configurations in the future?  We can… (Show more)