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Click to view contentHi, I am having "Location" parameter where 'x' & 'y' value has to pass in SOE to process the request.Below is the C# code to access the SOE request. // Create a request using a URL that can receive a post. WebRequest request =… (Show more)
Hello, I have Created SOI watermark  based on ESRI online sample on GitHub. This SOI not displaying any watermark on tiled services but it works fine on dynamic services.I am developing using ArcObjects SDK (.NET) 10.5 and hosted on ArcGIS server 10.5.1 Any suggestions on solutions.
I am attempting to write my first SOI and I am running into a problem, not all of my REST requests are being intercepted on my FeatureService I added the .soe extention too.  I am wanting to intercept every call made to my published feature service, and log out all of the REST Request information to the server.  I loaded the Simple SOI example… (Show more)
I was wondering if SOI handlers allows us to intercept Geocode Service operations. We have a custom built Geocode service and I was hoping to intercept the .../GeocodeServer/findAddressCandidates operation as well as the reverseGeocode.   All documentation indicates the following:  "You can extend ArcGIS Server map and image services (including… (Show more)
Hi,   I`m currently working on a more complex SOE process that runs on our latest ArcGIS Server version 10.6.1 much slower then ever before. The process includes several Raster Geoprocessing Functions which are time consuming and currently processed synchronously without 64 bit background processing. I would really like to migrate this to an… (Show more)
I started with an SOI project and attempting to create an interceptor that will take the contents of a map service (layer 1) and kludge some new attributes from some other JSON I have pulled in another request.   Which sample would be closest to what I'd like to attempt?   This YouTube Video is doing what I'd like but is in Java and not C# and I'm… (Show more)
Hey Guys,   We've built a SOI to intercept calls to a Feature Service, specifically the Query operation. What we've noticed just today is that the SOI seems to always send back a default response to a GET request, where as a POST will be intercepted and send back the 'edited' response.   What's interesting is that the server still logs the full… (Show more)
GitHub - Esri/server-extension-dotnet: Server extensions allow developers to change and extend the capabilities of ArcGI… 
Using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1, I have created an SOE that performs connected/upstream/downstream traces against a Geometric Network. This works in most cases. When  the start point is on an certain set of edges, the trace crashes the ArcSOC.exe process for the service. The AGS log reports the following stack trace:   java.lang.Exception: Could… (Show more)
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