Science at Esri: Our New Online Portfolio Comes Alive

Blog Post created by DWright-esristaff Employee on Sep 11, 2019

Welcome to our new Esri science portfolio siteScience underpins everything that Esri produces. We develop for and support a number of sciences. We're very excited about all the things that we're doing across all the environmental sciences, and into the social sciences and digital humanities. This is embedded in what we do—to strengthen the foundation of our software and services; to research, publish, communicate, and serve alongside the scientific community; and to inspire positive change in society.


Rather than a site focusing exclusively on what we SELL, this site focuses on what we BELIEVE as we conduct the broad and important MISSION of science (THE SCIENCE OF WHERE ®). In turn, it shares what we are specifically ACCOMPLISHING in collaboration with our users, in the areas of Open Science, Weather & Climate, Solid Earth Science (e.g., hydrology, ecology, geology, agriculture, etc.), Ocean Science, Geographic Information Science (including data science), and Social Science.


Let's keep going forward together!