Esri Earth Science/Geospatial Data Science at AAG and EGU

Blog Post created by DWright-esristaff Employee on Apr 3, 2019

Several of us are away at two fairly large scientific conferences, the 2019 American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting (AAG) and the 2019 European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU), both ranging from 9000-15,000 attendees. Here is a sampling of the scientific research being presented:


AAG 2019 Symposium on Frontiers in Geospatial Data Science 



And papers/posters by Esri staff at EGU:

Esri Romania Esri ConsultantAssessing the performance of various machine learning algorithms for forest disturbance mapping   

Esri Germany Melanie BrandmeierCoupling Deep Learning and GIS for forest damage assessment based on high-resolution remote sensing data

Esri Germany Melanie BrandmeierLithological classification using multi-sensor data and Convolutional Neural Networks

Orhun Aydin, Esri HQ: Spatio-temporal co-location analysis of dynamic plastic debris and marine life in the Pacific Ocean | download poster