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Hi.  In ArcGIS Online using the web map Attribute Expressions builder, I'm trying to pull feature xy coordinates to show in a popup.  In the builder, my code successfully tests with a value; but the value in the popup and layer table is empty.  I'm using a map service if that matters.   So, is this code supposed to work?  Or am I doing something… (Show more)
The Web AppBuilder Team has done a fantastic job of supporting the US National Grid with the Grid Overlay, Grid Reference, Coordinate Conversion, etc. but this is a capability that needs to be pervasive throughout all apps.   Audience: All First Responders and Emergency Managers Problem: US National Grid is the official coordinate notation for…
Intro The Applications Prototype Lab was asked to create an app that would collect and record cellular signal strength at various locations around the new Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. Two of us did just that: my colleague Al Pascual wrote the iOS version, and I wrote the Android version.   Though we used very different approaches—some of… (Show more)
Click to view contentLesson: Prepare for Search and Rescue Incidents | Learn ArcGIS    After a few years of teaching how to deploy MapSAR Online, Alix Vezina and I decided it was time to open up the no-cost training to a much wider audience.    In this lesson, you'll create a web map to prepare data for search operations. Your map will contain static base data… (Show more)
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