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Announcement 1 ESRI UC - 1 day available
Announcement:ESRI UC - 1 day available
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I added to two DEM layers to ArcGIS, but when I save as a new layer file, then save the entire file, close and then reopen ArcGIS, the layers are gone.  I added the DEM data from an external hard drive connected to my computer at all times.  I also saved the new layer files on my external hard drive.  Do the DEM files and layers need to be added… (Show more)
Greetings,   I am using ArcGIS 10.5.1. I downloaded and unzipped the DEM files.  I selected "DEM to Raster" from the ArcToolbox. When I go to the folder, there are no files.  I am stumped. I download the DEM file folders using the "User Data" option and selecting "Determine required DEM extent."