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I am attempting to complete the Learn Lesson Perform ecological niche factor analysis in R—Identify an Ecological Niche for African Buffalo but am having troubles with bridging my data into R. Specifically, step 6 onward: the following function exactly as it appears in step 6 of the lesson simply does not work for me: arc.raster(data_path). When I… (Show more)
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UserR! 2020 is coming to St Louis in July and this year will have a specific track and activities for the geospatial community. If you've done something interesting with R and ArcGIS please join is in St Louis to share your work in a 5 minute lightning talk or 20 minute presentation. The deadline for abstracts is February 3rd. This is the week… (Show more)
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Hi, I was doing the Tutorial named Analyze Crime Using Statistics and the R-ArcGIS Bridge Authored:Marjean Pobuda By doing that While in the step of loading arcgisbinding library in R Studio I was getting the error/warning “Unable to find FNP security runtime shared object” but the then arc.Check_Product() runs and it identified the product… (Show more)
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I am attempting to use the arcgisbinding package in R to save a Spatial Polygons DataFrame on my network as a shapefile. I am using the arc.write() function, and getting the error message below.    Error in .Call(n, PACKAGE = .arc$dll, ...) : "arc_write" not available for .Call() for package "rarcproxy_pro"   I have gotten this package to work… (Show more)
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I wanted to learn about R and ArcGIS so I started the R-ArcGIS Bridge web course. I haven't gotten off to a good start. I have only just started the course and installed the bridge. Then I received an error with arc.check_product(). The error is   > arc.check_product() Error in arc.check_product() : could not find function "arc.check_product"  … (Show more)
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I've been encountering a problem while trying to complete the "Integrating R Scripts into ArcGIS Geoprocessing Tools" E-Training course. During step 7 on the exercise, I run the geoprocessing tool (coded in R) and encounter the "ArcGIS Pro has stopped working" crash message. I have triple checked the steps in the tutorial (the course provided a… (Show more)
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I'm working through the habitat suitability tutorial at Identify an Ecological Niche for African Buffalo | Learn ArcGIS . as per the instructions, I attempted to use arc.write in RStudio to export my spatial pixels data frame (for which I have assigned the spatial reference as instructed) to a file geodatabase raster by executing… (Show more)
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I have a toolbox containing an R script that creates a shiny app. When I run the script the app begins to render in a browser but then goes grey and I get an error saying 'c stack close to limit'  The script works fine in rstudio and is based on this bridging-R-ArcGIS/interactiveKriging.R at master · BenGraeler/bridging-R-ArcGIS · GitHub  Any… (Show more)
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