ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud: Version 1.2 demnächst

Blog Post created by m.wigleyesri-ch-esridist Employee on Feb 6, 2018

This update will include the following new features, as per suggestions and requests:


  • Ability to add KML files
  • Better support for non-English running Adobe applications
  • New Imperial units-based Scale Bar
  • Ability to change the default download/sync location
  • An updated mapboard editing experience; including:
    • quicker access to width, height and scale settings
    • a pick list of Adobe’s preset document sizes
    • the ability to unlock and lock mapboards
    • access to ArcGIS Online and Living Atlas web maps
    • a setting to better honor sizing mapboads based on scale or page size


1.2 is expected to be available on March 5th...via the NEW Adobe Exchange. We are excited about the new Adobe marketplace, as it should resolve previous install issues that some users experienced with the existing Adobe Add-On site. There are many other enhancement features coming as well...you can see some of the details from Adobe on the new Exchange here.