• Where is Remove Duplicate Centerline Geometry in your process?

    Hello all,   We are working towards more automated maintenance of our R&H geodatabases.   This maintenance is necessary to support weekend processes that will rely on the Calculate Route Concurrenc...
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  • Field Collection Workflows

    Offline field collection using collector/survey 123 is a major part of our data collection workflow and I am trying to figure out the best way to use those applications and then get these new features/edits back to an...
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  • Run Time Creating a Master Denormalized Table

    Hello All,   I am sure most of us do this, but we in Oklahoma recreate a very large Denormalized Table every weekend using the Overlay Route Events Tool. That table is used by a majority of the Agency for their ...
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  • Deploying Export Network as a service

    Hi all,   I am currently attempting to publish the export network tool as a service so it can be called by external software. Publishing the geoprocessing service is fine, but the output is a zip file. Trying to...
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  • Has any one figured a way to get the dominate route by using the Geometry To measure lre rest tool?

    We are trying to build an application that will give the route id when some one clicks on a route. Currently when using the geometry to measures route event, it will return all routes in an area dominate and sub. A...
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  • Export only dominant routes from LRS?

    I'm looking to export the entirety of our enterprise LRS out of ArcMap, but with a caveat. When there is a concurrency, I would like only the dominant route present in the exported data.   I've got a workflow th...
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  • Zoom to a user specified routeId/mileage

    Hello RHUG,   Much of my work at the New York State DOT currently centers around using Roads and Highways. This past week, I've been going through a former colleague's notes on some routes that need edited. His ...
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