• Most Living Atlas content doesn't show up in ArcGIS for Power BI

    I purchased a trial of the Plus subscription so that I could add global (non US) demographic data to maps in Power BI. However, there doesn't seem to be any available through the interface. For example, I would like t...
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  • When will ArcGIS map be enabled in Power BI embedded and publish to web?

    ArcGIS map is great to use and is way better than the Bing map in Power BI, But it is not enabled for both embbeded power BI reports and publish to web reports. Do you guys have a timeline for this feature?
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  • Power BI and Map Issues

    Hello, I'm am using Power BI and have loaded it on the cloud.  When I try to look at the maps using Internet Explore 11 the maps freeze up.  However, when I use any other browser like Chrome or Edge I don't ...
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  • How to  create a flow map using ArcGIS maps for power bi

    I have zip codes of customers (as origin) that I want to map to transit stations (destination). I added the flow map custom visual but it doesn't recognize the zip codes. The ESRI visual recognizes the zip code but I'...
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  • why are esri maps disabled in Power BI report server?

    It appears that ESRI Maps are disabled in Report server and you can only use the Desktop version with a locally published file.  How come? 
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  • Have you experienced a choropleth map color ramp issue?

    Layer symbology color ramp has changed on all of my maps. Has anyone come across this problem? I have a project with multiple tabs and choropleth maps with each having different color ramps. When I viewed the report ...
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  • How do you create a hosted feature layer for Power BI?

    I have tried everything suggested by the tutorials. I have Shapefiles created by myself and 3rd party agencies, I've uploaded CSV, GEOJson, Json files and not one has prompted for this hosted feature layer checkb...
  • What does this error mean?

  • Issues, who do I talk to?

    Hi, I've got a list of 4 or 5 problems with ArcGIS for Power BI and was wondering who I could talk to see if it's just me with the problem (and hopefully easily rectified) or its a system issue.
  • How do I give access to my Organisation Maps outside of my Organisation?

    Hi there, I create Power BI Reports which contain the ESRI map visuals and after development, I then hand over to clients. How do I allow the client's admin and consumer access to the feature layers I've cr...
  • Problem with access to public basemap from my own organization

    Hi In january I made a Power BI report containing an "Arcgis for Power BI" visual. I added points from a table, and I used a public basemap from my organization. After configuring the visual, I logged out and shared ...
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  • Where is my content?!

    Is there a reason I am unable to access "my content" created in AGOL in ArcGIS Map for PowerBI? I have a license through my organization. I created some layers, saved them, added some tags, and shared them within my ...
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  • ArcGIS Licensing for PowerBI

    This is involving licensing for ArcGIS Maps in PowerBI: 1. Will I need ArcGIS Plus to retrieve basemap info/layers into PowerBI that I have create and shared from ArcGIS online? 2. If I create data in ArcG...
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  • ESRI Map Does Not Load When Sharing Power BI Files Online

    Hello,   I'm having issue loading ESRI maps when sharing Power BI files online. Attached is a screenshot for a page I've been trying to load for 30 minutes. I'm using IE and only one window was open.   Is ...
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  • What cause map visualization failure?

    I have configured Portal for Arcgis and set the settings in microstrategy. The EM4MSTR is configured and I can see the base map from the dashboad. When I add data, it allows me to add data from portal and it appear. O...
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  • Max number of records to show in the map view

    Hi everyone,   Just want to confirm if I am using a non-licenced PowerBI desktop and ArcGIS Maps for PowerBI plugi-in (free), how many records can I actually render on the map from the PowerBI desktop?   T...
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  • ArcGIS Map symbol size not proportional

    Hi! I'm making a size and color map and get problems with symbol size not being proportional to the value of the variable. I've tried different scaling for minimum and maximum size, but the problem persists.   I'...
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  • ArcArcGIS Maps not showing on desktop.  Same pbix file shows fine on laptop.

    My ArcGIS Maps for Power BI have stopped displaying on my desktop.  It looks like they are hanging.  The ESRI watermark is there for each map.  The three vertical yellow bars are moving up and down, but...
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  • ArcGIS Maps for Power BI Coincident Geometry Selection and Cross Filtering

    In ArcGIS Maps for Power BI, when there are points with coincident geometry, the top point cross filters other visuals as expected when it is selected.   The only way I see to select a point beneath is to use th...
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  • Why does the data have to be hosted?

    I'm new to PowerBI and I'm confused as to why the data has to be hosted in ArcGIS Online to be visible in the Addin. Why can't it see map services that have been shared with the Public?
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