• Issue with presenting coordinates with ArcGIS Power BI

    Dear Group,   I have recently tried to upload a CSV file (attached) using ArcGIS Maps Power BI, unfortunately it looks very bad and does not present it correctly. When I use the Map tool in BI it works fine, see...
    created by z3521183_unsw_au
  • How to automate the connection between BI and PostGre SQL

    Dear Group,   I have recently done test with the BI while connected to PostGre SQ (query) ,then made some changes in the data-set from the PostGRE SQL server side. My conclusion from this test is that the up...
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  • the New release of this year 2020.1 will support On-Premise Report Server ?

    I'm wondering this new version of maps will support on-Premise PowerBI Implementation ( PowerBI Report Server) 
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  • Adding Base Maps

    I am trying to create Basemaps that I can use in PBI, but when I click on them in the visualization they don't appear.  Any ideas?
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  • ArcGIS Enterprise: Azure AD/SAML authentication support?

    Hi there! I was just reading up on how ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is set to fully support ArcGIS Enterprise starting at 10.8! That's wonderful news! I was reading the supported environment documentation (Supported envir...
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  • Add Feature Layer Content to Power BI Tiles

    Can someone tell me if I'd be able to add the content of a feature layer hosted on AGO to a Power BI dashboard and create tiles that are populated with the content from the feature layer. I've been able to add my AGO ...
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  • Outdated map info Norway

    From 2020 a lot of municipalities and counties merged in Norway. Borders in maps are therefore wrong when you use municipality name as location in the Power BI ArcGis map. When will this be updated? And is there a wor...
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  • Can we allow users to edit the drive time area in ArcGis visual (PowerBi) without enabling them to edit all the report ?

    I created a PowerBi report which uses the Arcgis Map in order to exploit the drive time function. I would like to share it to my company, and people should be able to edit the report (ideally only the arcgis map)...
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  • Does ArcGIS Maps for Power BI dynamically update with real-time data?

    Hi everyone, does ArcGIS Maps for Power BI support dynamic data updates? I know that location data from a Power BI dataset can be visualized on an ArcGIS map, but if that dataset is changing in real-time, does th...
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  • ArcGIS Personal Use with ArcGIS Maps for Power BI

    I have a question,  can you confirm me if the ArcGIS Personal Use has the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI App?
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  • Exporting geo data from ArcGIS for Power BI

    How am I able to export geo data and layer information from ArcGIS within Power BI? When I export data from the map, I only get the underlying data from my connected dataset? Thanks!
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  • i cant log into my plus account. i get a plus user not found error.

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  • Embedding Scenarios

    Hi Scott,   Are there any plans or timelines you could share around using ArcGIS Maps for Power BI in embedded scenarios? We are especially interested in embedding Power BI reports in SharePoint Online.   ...
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  • Accessing ARCGIS Server URL in Power BI

    Greetings,   I am trying to access an ARCGIS Server URL in Power BI.   I read that you can use a Power BI query, would like some clarity on the query format. The query is: let Source =son.Document((Web.C...
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  • survey 123 and Power BI

    Greetings, Has anyone tried to visualize Survey 123 form (tabular) data form the hosted feature service in Power BI? It sounds like the functionality is not there yet to directly view a feature layer's attribute tabl...
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  • ArcGIS Maps for Power BI add-on license

    I was wondering if something has changed in the licensing requirements. I have an AGOL for organizations account and I have been using the Esri Maps for Power BI for years. In the past week I have not been able to log...
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  • Power bi arcgis map timeline incorrect

    Hi everyone,     I have been trying to make an arcgis map for days now, in which a heatmap shows how prices in a certain area changed over the years (between 2015 and 2019). However, no matter what I t...
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  • Buy licence ArcGis Map for Power BI

    I want to buy a licence ArcGis Maps for Power BI Plus in Brazil and I'm not giving. What I need to do?
  • How exactly does PowerBI work with AGOL maps?  We have authors that are full AGOL users, if we make a map, put it in PowerBI dashboard, can anybody see it?

    How exactly does PowerBI work with AGOL maps?  We have authors that are full #AGOL users, if we make a map, put it in PowerBI dashboard, can anybody see it?   We are a typical larger company, we have high-s...
    created by jayrlarsenAZ
  • Manual Breaks - Levels Change When Filtered

    I have a US map with the colors set to change at natural breaks according to one of the location features. I'd like for these breakpoints to apply no matter how the data is filtered.     The current behav...