• Map is resetting to entire US view

    Hello Community -   The maps in my report have been automatically focusing just on the areas for which there are geocoded data points since I created them months ago. However, all of a sudden, the map is resett...
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  • survey 123 and Power BI

    Greetings, Has anyone tried to visualize Survey 123 form (tabular) data form the hosted feature service in Power BI? It sounds like the functionality is not there yet to directly view a feature layer's attribute tabl...
    created by renee.opatz_MPT
  • Map Extent and Basemap Persistence

    If I change my basemap and zoom in to my features of interest, then switch pages, when I return to my map page the map is zoomed way out (to default) and the map returns to the default basemap.  How can I pr...
    created by RS_POLLAJO
  • Power BI maps not saving when I reopen a report after saving

    Hi,   I noticed a couple of threads on the issue around power BI and map changes not saving. i still seem to have this issue. Can anyone help me work through it please.   Thanks
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  • PowerBI map bugs?

    The ESRI PowerBI map is no longer zooming to the extent of the features that are plotted.  Also, when I change a map to the "heatmap" theme, it does not save and reverts back to the original theme if go to a new ...
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  • I see the ArcGIS maps visual in the Power BI service and I can add it to a report, but then there is no option to sign into ArcGIS Online. Anyone experienced this?

    This is all I see when I add the visual.
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  • Reference layers not visible in Power BI, why why why ?

    Hi there : I've an AGO Creator licence I've published a feature service with one single layer on our ArcGIS Server I've added that service in ArcGIS Online and it's recognized as a Feature Service I've shared it w...
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  • Publish layers with different colors

    Hello,   all I wish is to insert a hosted feature layer (because only this works with PowerBI) whose polygons have different colors. I got this example feature from the public folder and it proofs me that it theo...
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  • Most Living Atlas content doesn't show up in ArcGIS for Power BI

    I purchased a trial of the Plus subscription so that I could add global (non US) demographic data to maps in Power BI. However, there doesn't seem to be any available through the interface. For example, I would like t...
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  • When will ArcGIS map be enabled in Power BI embedded and publish to web?

    ArcGIS map is great to use and is way better than the Bing map in Power BI, But it is not enabled for both embbeded power BI reports and publish to web reports. Do you guys have a timeline for this feature?
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  • Power BI and Map Issues

    Hello, I'm am using Power BI and have loaded it on the cloud.  When I try to look at the maps using Internet Explore 11 the maps freeze up.  However, when I use any other browser like Chrome or Edge I don't ...
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  • How to  create a flow map using ArcGIS maps for power bi

    I have zip codes of customers (as origin) that I want to map to transit stations (destination). I added the flow map custom visual but it doesn't recognize the zip codes. The ESRI visual recognizes the zip code but I'...
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  • why are esri maps disabled in Power BI report server?

    It appears that ESRI Maps are disabled in Report server and you can only use the Desktop version with a locally published file.  How come? 
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  • Have you experienced a choropleth map color ramp issue?

    Layer symbology color ramp has changed on all of my maps. Has anyone come across this problem? I have a project with multiple tabs and choropleth maps with each having different color ramps. When I viewed the report ...
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  • Embedding Scenarios

    Hi Scott,   Are there any plans or timelines you could share around using ArcGIS Maps for Power BI in embedded scenarios? We are especially interested in embedding Power BI reports in SharePoint Online.   ...
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  • How do you create a hosted feature layer for Power BI?

    I have tried everything suggested by the tutorials. I have Shapefiles created by myself and 3rd party agencies, I've uploaded CSV, GEOJson, Json files and not one has prompted for this hosted feature layer checkb...
  • What does this error mean?

  • Issues, who do I talk to?

    Hi, I've got a list of 4 or 5 problems with ArcGIS for Power BI and was wondering who I could talk to see if it's just me with the problem (and hopefully easily rectified) or its a system issue.
  • How do I give access to my Organisation Maps outside of my Organisation?

    Hi there, I create Power BI Reports which contain the ESRI map visuals and after development, I then hand over to clients. How do I allow the client's admin and consumer access to the feature layers I've cr...
  • Problem with access to public basemap from my own organization

    Hi In january I made a Power BI report containing an "Arcgis for Power BI" visual. I added points from a table, and I used a public basemap from my organization. After configuring the visual, I logged out and shared ...
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