• Associated costs when using ArcGIS Maps for PowerBI

    To use ArcGIS Maps for Power BI with an organizational account (ArcGIS Online or Enterprise) an add-on license is needed plus a set of privilege and access to the following services: - Geocoding / locator service - ...
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  • can you connect power BI to Portal for ArcGIS hosted on premise

    can you connect power BI to Portal for ArcGIS hosted on premise
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  • Enterprise version?

    What are the enterprise versions Power BI is supported on. Is there a version for Enterprise 10.6.1?   Thanks
  • Location Analytics at Esri 2020 User Conference

    The ArcGIS Platform includes a group of products called Location Analytics - these products, in addition to supporting the traditional GIS audience, enable GIS and mapping to non-traditional GIS users within an organi...
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  • Table of contents duplicates on every filter change

    Table of contents (legenda) get duplicated everytime we change filtering. Who's experiencing this problem too? (this problem happens only in Power BI online, not on the Power BI Desktop)  
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  • What are some of the methods and approaches we can use to accommodate point level data in BI but ensure it is still working relatively quickly?

    Dear Group,   Any one here has tried to work with point level data successfully using the ArCGIS Map for Bi tool? just to clarify, I am referring to big data (millions of records), if so can u share some of your...
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  • Is it possible to create our own boundaries with ArcGIS Maps for Power BI?

    Hi,   I was wondering if we can create our own boundaries in organizational reference layer (from ArcGIS enterprise or ArcGIS Online) consumed by Power BI using ArcGIS Maps for Power BI and use the LOCATION fiel...
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  • ArcGIS content refresh in Power BI / licensing /data flow

    Hi all,   I have some questions about ArcGIS Maps for Power BI: - Did a viewer of organizational ArcGIS content (ArcGIS Online or Enterprise) in Power BI Service needs to be compliant to the following points to...
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  • Multiple dynamic layers + other questions

    Hi BI / GIS colleagues   1)  Do you have any idea why reference layers shown with transparency when consumed from ArcGIS for Maps BI? It has no transparency in ArcGIS Online! And I can’t change it fro...
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  • Power BI report published to service loses basemap and data color settings

    I have a Power BI report with the standard ArcGIS visualization that is published to a Power BI service tenant that uses the Street Basemap and custom colors for Symbol Color.  This report had been rendering prop...
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  • Power BI Visual looses all settings

    The Esri Map visual in Power BI is not saving settings. I set everything up for a boundary map based on one country and it is all fine. Go to another tab and back again and all settings have been lost. This has not be...
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  • Video: ArcGIS Maps and Microsoft Integration: Office, Power BI, and SharePoint

    Enhance the Microsoft business applications you already use with The Science of Where. Learn how ArcGIS integrates directly with Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI, and Office. This means that ArcGIS data and capabilities...
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  • Basemap is resets to gray when report has been published to cloud

    Hi I have prepared Power BI report with 2 pages. Both page have arcgis map with standard option. I have chosen basemap "OpenStreetMap" and change simbol style (using bright colors). It's for both maps. I have publi...
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  • Can Power BI connect to a hosted Portal?

    We run a ArcGis portal/server 10.4.1 and we have a need to use the Power BI is there a way to point to our portal especially since we are in a disconnected environment. 
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  • Is it possible to edit data for a related table from a form filled out in PowerApps?

    Hi,   I was wondering if it was possible to edit attributes for a related table that is created from a feature using the link to create the related table that will then open a power apps form. The...
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  • ArcGIS data connection for Power BI

    18 votes
    Create a data connector to ArcGIS Online feature services from Power BI. This would allow the reading of tabular data from hosted feature services either in public or preferably in organization layers.
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  • Unable to select the "Size & Color" map theme

    We are experiencing an issue with the latest version of ARCGIS maps for Power BI (downloaded via the Microsoft Store) where we specify a color value and a size value, however when we select the map theme the "Size &am...
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  • License Options

    I need advice on which license should we purchase for our project below are things we need to address 1. Create a map with multiple data layers. 2. Publish the map in ArcGISOnline 3. Use the publish Map in ArcGISOn...
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  • Power BI maps not saving when I reopen a report after saving

    Hi,   I noticed a couple of threads on the issue around power BI and map changes not saving. i still seem to have this issue. Can anyone help me work through it please.   Thanks
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  • Power BI

    How do you get an ARCGIS map to publish in Power BI? As you can see below the map works perfectly in the desktop version, but once it was published to the website the map is blank.    In Desktop  ...
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