• Upcoming Plus subscription: limits on number of features in a map

    The current limits are documented at Prepare your data—ArcGIS Maps for Power BI | ArcGIS . According to Esri Introduces Global Demographics and More to Microsoft Power BI, the Plus subscription wi...
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  • Local Argis maps used directly by Power BI

    Hi All,   I'm newbie with Argis Maps for Power BI, we are trying to re-use maps customised on local Argis server and I understand that one way is to publish it through Argis Online and use it in Power BI. Is the...
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  • Basic Power BI Questions from a newbi

    Hi, I think ArcGIS for Maps for Power BI has great potential. I work for an organisation that produces many dashboards and this added capability is a welcome addition.  I've just started looking at it today so h...
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