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I have installed the Cyclomedia Street Smart add-in for ArcGIS Pro 2.5 but cannot login. Is this supposed to be my Esri login?
in Urban and Regional Planning
Hi,   I'm doing a spatial analysis of areas that need more green space in order to meet certain criteria: - at least 1 x 2ha in size, less than 300m from home - at least 1 x 20ha site within 20km from home - 1 x 100ha site within 5km from home - 1 x 500ha site within 10km from home - minimum 1 local nature reserve per thousand population  … (Show more)
in Urban and Regional Planning
I'm a town planning consultant working from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have been dabbling in ESRI products since digitising paper maps using 3.1, but haven't developed any proficiency in the software. I have used ARCGIS for locating and budgeting #municipal infrastructure projects. I am particularly interested in using analysis of #urban… (Show more)
in Urban and Regional Planning
Hello! I am working with a county-wide road centerlines dataset and we need to be able to: -Edit existing road centerline features while preserving attributes -Create a dataset free from dangles (where appropriate).   So my question is: In places where multiple roads come together we need to be able to modify geometry without unsnapping the… (Show more)
in Urban and Regional Planning
Click to view contentHi there! I am new to Arcgis and am using Arcgis Pro to create a new parcel or lot split. I would greatly appreciate a easy solutioin to  SIMPLY create a new parcel (to scale) using the following suvey data. Everything I read online about parcels invloves the parcel fabric....I work for a consultant not a goverment agency and have lost an entire… (Show more)
in Urban and Regional Planning
Hello,    I want to know how I can model the elevation of a 12 meter rise in water levels from a river on ArcMap. The river is not situated at 0 level altitude in the DEM and hence i cannot just do a simple raster calculation which takes all areas belore 12 meters. I want to figure out the areas in which there can be a 12 meter rise in water… (Show more)
in Urban and Regional Planning
I have an attribute table for a shape file, that has the attributes for a number of polygons. I have created a new field, that I need to have values of 1 or 0, based on whether there are attributes present in a different field. This is all being conducted within the same attribute table. 
in Urban and Regional Planning