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I am trying to name private streets on private apartment complexes that do not have names. Accomplishing that we will help the emergency teams and the community. when you name the streets by the building next to it, you have to have a marker for the location then if they change management the building's name may change, several buildings in the… (Show more)
in Urban and Regional Planning
I am using ArcMap version 10.6 and I have downloaded mosaic imagery from TNRIS. The imagery is for use on a field laptop and there will be no internet connectivity. The imagery works fine when connected to internet. Is there a workaround to get the imagery to appear when not connected to internet?
in Urban and Regional Planning
The ArcGIS Platform includes a group of products called Location Analytics - these products, in addition to supporting the traditional GIS audience, enable GIS and mapping to non-traditional GIS users within an organization. They bring the power of location to users who typically work with data in tables and charts (e.g., in business programs),… (Show more)
Click to view contentI've created a sidewalks/walkways network but I'm having issues intersecting lines. What I'm trying to achieve is for the lines to split at intersections, but yet be continuous; as in, I do not want one line over the other, I would like for them to show as connected and continuing. I've provided an image if it helps.
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Hi, I'm Monia and I work with cities, heritage, and disaster risk. I am a building engineer and architect by training and currently a doctoral researcher in urban planning and DRR, with a focus on urban public open spaces. ArcGIS is one of the key tools I use to perform spatialanalysis, although I haven't used its full potential (yet!) My areas… (Show more)
in Urban and Regional Planning
I'm currently doing a historical research project on a hospital that no longer exists. I've got a detailed site plan that I would like to geo-reference so I can digitize it. However, the site plan is broken up into a bunch of jpegs taken with a phone camera from the original paper copy. It is not properly scanned as a single file.    While they… (Show more)
New to the community, so apologies in advance if I have left something out here.   I'm thinking of an analysis in my head, wondering if it has been done somewhere else.    Basically, within a designated subarea in a city (think 1/2 mile area surrounding a transit station) using the network analyst tool to count the number of parcels accessible… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHey,   I have a point shapefile with points at a 1km distance from each other along the English southern coastline.  I want to convert this shapefile into a line shapefile, and to keep the attributes from the original shp. Is this possible? Please find attached, there are some islands as well, that should be separate features, so if there is a… (Show more)
in Urban and Regional Planning
I have a table of average sale prices by school district monthly from jan2010-jan2020. I need to time slide or animate change via chloropleth. Time slider won't allow it. If I transpose the table from horizontal to vertical I can't join the data. Ideas?   Current table (Joined but will not time slide) :… (Show more)
in Urban and Regional Planning
I have installed the Cyclomedia Street Smart add-in for ArcGIS Pro 2.5 but cannot login. Is this supposed to be my Esri login?
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