NZ Lifelines Level Of Service

Blog Post created by pjdeagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Jun 16, 2017

Link to schema: http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=ef690ba3771d44b18971f910797530e7#overview 


This is a feature layer template used for integrated energy, telecommunications, transportation, and water infrastructure based on the Bay of Plenty Lifelines Project. You can either download the geodatabase or create a new feature layer directly from this template.


Criticality: Nationally, Regionally, Local (this is to be edited by Lifeline stakeholders during Reduction / Readiness).


Level of Service*: Full, Operational, Survival, Emergency (this is to be edited by Lifeline stakeholders during Response / Recovery). *Consider a simpler definition such as Red, Yellow, Green. We are waiting on guidance from MCDEM and the National Lifelines Council.


Below is an example of how this could work with editable feature layers and feature layer views (representing level of service). You can click the edit button and drop a few points on the map. 

Example of Levels of Service
  1. Pre-load Data: As a best practice, you might have an integrated lifelines layer pre-populated with known lifeline assets (using the Append Tool to add assets to your layer), them simply have stakeholders update the level of service during disaster using any editing app (e.g. Web AppBuilder). Pro: All of your lifeline data is at your fingertips and you simply need to update the level of service. Con: This can lead to a very large dataset that requires effort to update. 
  2. Add Data "On the Fly": If you do not have data to pre-populated onto your map, you can always simply add points and lines manually during an event using this schema with (e.g. Survey123 or GeoForms). Pro: The advantage here is it is very simple. Con: the disadvantage is you are duplicating effort since you most likely already know the locations of your lifeline assets. 


The best approach is one that you can manage with the resources available to you - either way, do not wait for the next disaster to pick one of these options!