Why did you volunteer as a GeoMentor?

Blog Post created by ceteagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Oct 15, 2020

Did you know...there are so many classrooms in New Zealand that will never experience GIS without the encouragement and support of a GeoMentor! So why not encourage a GIS Professional you know to connect with a school and visit a classroom.

If you need some reasons to encourage people to become GeoMentors why not

  • tell them your story about GeoMentoring
  • remind them that children at schools right now are the meme generation so communicate visually and are therefore primed to communicate with GIS
  • make sure they know there are pre-written lessons that they could run in the classroom, geoinquiries are a great place to start
  • connect them with this group so they can ask questions and share stories about their GeoMentoring experiences
  • get them to register as a GeoMentor so Eagle Technology can help them get connected to a local school who is keen for some assistance, 

Lets help to make GIS accessible in more New Zealand classrooms.