Which app should I use to collect data?

Blog Post created by ceteagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on May 5, 2020

Once students get back to classrooms they might be keen to get out into the field to capture data. Why not recommend the following Storymap to the teachers you mentor to help them sort through which ArcGIS App they should use in the field. It can be confusing with Survey123 for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS and ArcGIS QuickCapture in the offering.

ArcGIS field apps in schools.

ArcGIS field apps in schools - Story Map

The story map covers what is common to all three apps and the data collection power they bring to the field. Teachers will need to determine which app is right for each data collection project they run, some times that answer is determined by the purpose of the project so feel free to assist in the decision making process .