• File attachment in Pro

    Hello everyone, my question is: how can I copy a shape file with an attachment to another map that has attachment? So one of the maps has more files (polygons) than the other one.
    created by denise2180
  • Navigator for

    Hi there, hopefully someone might have the answer. I create the map with my data and create an mmpk file, publish to arcgis online and download it to many tablets for Sanitation routes. So, how do I trim the Street M...
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  • Navigator turn by turn

    I created a route in PRO  and I can see the turn by turn data created from my stops.  I post it online and when I open in Navigator it will often get stuck on a turn and never get past it?  I can't figu...
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  • restricting turns based on time of day

    Is it possible to control custom turns or restricted turns by time of day? For example, prohibit a left turn from 3pm to 6 pm?
    created by eric_collins
  • Add Proximity alerts to Navigator

    Garmin offers this in a number of products. What would like to be done in using Streetmap Premium with custom roads is to be able to add POI's with a buffer voice alarm alerting the user that they are approaching the...
    created by eric_collins
  • Problem whit routing in navigator

    Guys Good afternoon,   Recently was lauch a release of navigator for ArcGIS (19.1.1). (Near 17/10/2019) These release change all ways to get route in Navigator. Since them I can't navigate. In these new versi...
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  • Rerouting a pre-planned route in Navigator

    We've created meter reading routes for Navigator where each stop is a waypoint to avoid constant "you've reached your destination," since some routes have 800+ meters. We use pre-planned routes, but we came across a p...
    created by chandlerc1
  • Cannot Zoom Out in Navigator

    I've started working with Navigator, and noticed that although the map I use in ArcGIS Pro permits scaling out, Navigator restricts how far I can zoom out.  Ideally, I would like to be able to zoom out to see my ...
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  • Transforming Polylines into Route Layers Tutorial

    In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to turn polylines into route layers that can be used in the upcoming release of Navigator for ArcGIS. You will need both ArcGIS Pro and Navigator at the ready.  ...
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  • Do you need streetmap premium to customize a ESRI Navigator Base Map?

    Hello,   I was following along on an ESRI tutorial about the ESRI Navigator App, and they had mentioned that in order to customize the ESRI Navigator Applications Basemap itself, or add your own design to the ba...
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  • Are there other ways to push a customized road network, with other feature layers to ArcGIS Navigator other then a Mobile Map Package? (MMPK)

    Greetings all,   I have just recently gotten to utilizing ArcGIS Navigator more recently, as well as the company I am employed with is testing the capabilities of the application for potential use in the future....
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  • Loading stop list in Navigator vs. pre-planned route?

    I solved a route for field work in ArcGIS Pro, then shared that layer to our Portal to be used in Navigator. The route shows up in the Routes tab of Navigator, but I can also go to the layer in our Portal and click th...
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  • Navigator for ArcGIS - Change direction units to km

    I created a road network using ArcMap 10.6 in Projected Coordinate System (PDO_1993_UTM_Zone_40N - meters). I have one travel mode in this network(car). there is no restriction attribute in my road network and i am us...
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  • Navigator App Crashes when Searching for a Location (iOS, 19.1.0)

    When trying to search for a location when using the newest version of Navigator (19.1.0) the app immediately crashes. Also the function to choose the start and stop locations no longer appears to available. This is an...
  • Is there a way to minimize the voice directions in Navigator?

    We're using Navigator to route water meter readers, and we have hundreds of meters per route. The meters are read via radio, so getting out of the vehicle isn't necessary, they simply have to drive by. The voice turn-...
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  • What's New in Navigator for ArcGIS (October 2019)

    Navigator for ArcGIS, a turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation app that works with your GIS data (even while offline), has a brand-new update available for iOS and Android devices. Built to get your drivers where they n...
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  • Share optimized route with Navigator

    In the June 2016 ArcGIS Online updates a workflow for creating and sharing optimized routes was added. Add layers—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS  In the What's New documentation it mentions sharing your rout...
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  • I cant get route to open in Navigator

    I click on URL then arcgis online opens and the hyperlink "Navigator Stop List" will not ask me to open in the Navigator app.  If I go to the App I get an error Unsupported layer File
  • Navigator for arcgis

    Hello? Can an arcgis for personal use user not use Navigator for arcgis?     thank you~~~~
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  • Field Operations at the Esri User Conference 2019

    The Field Operations capability of the ArcGIS Platform enables you to optimize efficiency in field activities with the power of location intelligence. This capability is offered via a suite of field apps that enables ...
    created by dlaw-esristaff