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When trying to search for a location when using the newest version of Navigator (19.1.0) the app immediately crashes. Also the function to choose the start and stop locations no longer appears to available. This is an issue because our road data set is in Texas while our Office is in Denver, making any in office testing of the app impossible. Any… (Show more)
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I created a road network using ArcMap 10.6 in Projected Coordinate System (PDO_1993_UTM_Zone_40N - meters). I have one travel mode in this network(car). there is no restriction attribute in my road network and i am using length(meters) as default impedance and i have travel time as well. I have defined the driving directions (km) as follows.  … (Show more)
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We're using Navigator to route water meter readers, and we have hundreds of meters per route. The meters are read via radio, so getting out of the vehicle isn't necessary, they simply have to drive by. The voice turn-by-turn is nice to avoid having to look at a screen while driving, but with so many stops to make in one route the voice navigation… (Show more)
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Click to view contentNavigator for ArcGIS, a turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation app that works with your GIS data (even while offline), has a brand-new update available for iOS and Android devices. Built to get your drivers where they need to go, Navigator now brings more of the location intelligence from ArcGIS to your fleet. This is the first major release of… (Show more)
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In the June 2016 ArcGIS Online updates a workflow for creating and sharing optimized routes was added. Add layers—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS  In the What's New documentation it mentions sharing your routes with Navigator.  The Save button in the Directions dialog(MapViewer) also suggests sharing with Navigator.   Is the process for opening the… (Show more)
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Click to view contentIn this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to turn polylines into route layers that can be used in the upcoming release of Navigator for ArcGIS. You will need both ArcGIS Pro and Navigator at the ready.   Find other workflows for the next release of Navigator here.   The Situation  Someone recently approached our team with the desire to… (Show more)
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I click on URL then arcgis online opens and the hyperlink "Navigator Stop List" will not ask me to open in the Navigator app.  If I go to the App I get an error Unsupported layer File
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The Field Operations capability of the ArcGIS Platform enables you to optimize efficiency in field activities with the power of location intelligence. This capability is offered via a suite of field apps that enables you to bring your maps and the power of GIS into the field.   The ArcGIS field apps include: Collector for ArcGIS Survey123 for… (Show more)
So, I've been working with Navigator for about a year... I have a road network that I update periodically. This time, when I ran the "create mmpk" tool, it was successful, but my route labels didn't make it onto the package. When my users download it, the routes are there, but not the labels. My labels are as they should be in my pro project. Any… (Show more)
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