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A new beta version of Navigator for ArcGIS has been released on the Android platform! As we continue to work toward a final release across all supported mobile platforms, we are adding more features and functionality to the Android version of Navigator so that all users will have the same Navigator experience - regardless of mobile platform. 


What's New

  • Support for displaying feature popups - access all your attributes to make sure you're Navigating to the right asset.
  • You can now create multi-stop routes within the mobile app
  • You can also edit multi-stop routes within the app
  • Support for travel modes (walking, driving, golf carts, heavy trucks, etc.) - use our out-of-the box travel modes or create your own to smartly route your drivers along the best paths and routes for their current mode of travel
  • Support for cross-app linking via URL scheme - build-in functionality in your third party app to launch Navigator get field workers to specific work orders or tasks 
  • Updated localization
  • More bug fixes than you can shake a stick at


What's Coming 
  • Tablet Support - coming in Beta 3
  • Checking for pre-planned route updates - coming in Beta 3
  • Content Navigation - coming in Beta 3
  • MMPK Update - coming in Beta 3
  • Map details - Final release
  • Pause navigation - Final release
  • Support for tracker tracks - Next release
How to join the beta
We'd love for you to test out the latest beta of Navigator with your assets and locations. To join the Navigator beta, click this link and follow the instructions on the Google Play store. After you've had a chance to try the beta, don't forget to post on the forum and let us know what worked - and what didn't.