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We are putting the finishing touches on what is shaping up to be a really fantastic release of Navigator for ArcGIS. Beta 3 on Android should be our last beta before we release Navigator later this year. There's a lot of good stuff to test out in the beta, including:


  • Tablet support
  • Updates to pre-planned route layers are automatically detected and downloaded
  • Updates to mobile map packages are displayed to Navigator users, who can download the updated map at a time of their choosing
  • Navigation can be paused mid-route
  • Navigator will automatically mark stops as visited
  • The ability to manually mark a stop as visited
  • The ability to show route overview details
  • Better error handling when using the URL scheme to pass information into Navigator 
  • The default portalURL for your organization can be set via Managed App Configuration
  • Support for adaptive icons
  • Updated localization
  • Bug fixes


To get started, head over to the Google Play store from your Android device and follow the directions to download the beta. After you've had a chance to try out beta 3, let us know what worked - and what didn't - by posting a comment here in the Navigator for ArcGIS Beta community on GeoNet. 


Happy Navigating!