What's New and What's Coming (iOS Beta 1)

Blog Post created by SBall-esristaff Employee on Oct 3, 2018

Welcome to the Navigator for ArcGIS iOS Beta program! This is an opportunity for you to see the latest and greatest features coming to the next release of Navigator for iOS. There are some important things to know about how this beta program will operate:

  • Test builds of the app will be distributed from us to you using Apple's TestFlight tool. Take a look at the Intro to TestFlight discussion in the featured content section to learn how to get signed up with TestFlight.
  • You can expect new versions with more features and bug fixes every few weeks. You will get a notification from TestFlight when a new version is ready for you to download.
  • You can communicate with the Esri development team via Slack (see the 'Intro to Slack' featured content) or by posting questions to this GeoNet community.
  • Please report to us any bugs you find while using the beta software - the more detail you can give us, the better.
What’s New in Beta 1
  • Support for Preplanned Routes (Navigator will be able to use route layers created on the platform)
  • Refreshed UX and UI
  • Support for IWA as an authentication mechanism
  • Enhanced security with biometric authentication
  • Support for Universal Links in addition to URL Scheme
  • Improved map / label rendering, including support for raster tiles
  • Managed App Configuration support for portalURL and enableLocalAuthentication
  • Support for social logins (Google + and Facebook)
  • Supported languages - Arabic, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese-PT, Portuguese-BR, Russian, S-Chinese, Spanish and Turkish
  • More bug fixes than you can shake a stick at
Coming to the Beta soon (not supported in Beta 1)
  • Popups - estimated Beta 2
  • Travel modes - estimated Beta 2
  • Compass mode - estimated Beta 2
  • iPad Support - estimated Beta 3
  • Create multi-stop route in app - estimated Beta 3
  • Coordinate search
  • Feature search
  • Map details
  • Editing route in app 
Known Issues
  • Navigation UI is not optimized for iPads
  • Dropped pin doesn’t appear above labels 
  • First maneuver instruction can be skipped
  • Re-routing multiple times can cause directions to become confusing 
  • Distance can be inconsistent between text and Audio 
  • Navigation current time plus duration doesn’t always equal the end time 
  • Routing crashes when locale is S-Chinese