My Esri Update

Blog Post created by jbeaton-esristaff Employee on Nov 13, 2017



Time is flying by and the My Esri team continues to work on enhancing the My Esri experience. The following are some highlighted items that have been implemented over the past couple of months. Please continue to let us know if there are future enhancements that you wish to see in the future.






  • When an authorized caller fills out the form to request a new case, they will be presented with web resources based on the content they provided, to see if existing documentation and articles are available to help them resolve their issue.
  • The manage authorized callers workflow has been rewritten to improve many of the issues that have been reported around callers not having the ability to submit cases.
  • Users who view Support bugs will now see links to related cases on the Bugs page that are searchable and can be filtered.


Provisioning & Authorizations

  • The COU for ESLF and ArcGIS Pro for portal use file cancellation has been updated
  • The 10.6 version has been updated for authorization numbers that are generated when ArcGIS Pro named user is converted to single/concurrent use.
  • The special characters in the Activation Note in the authorizations activity report have been removed.
  • The error while editing the file note on the provisioning details page has been resolved.
  • Logic has been added on the manage existing provisioning files page that will reduce timeouts.
  • Dropdowns on the create provisioning files page have been updated to show a 10.6 option.
  • Provisioning names have been updated for the new 10.6 extensions.
  • The Portal code generation page has been updated to accommodate 10.6 portal code creation.
  • Portal code generation page has been updated to improve the overall user experience.
  • The Authorizations activity report now displays authorization history notes correctly.
  • ESLF files now display correctly after choosing the cancel option.
  • The Portal code page is now recognizing when a customer already has a portal code for the 10.5 version.



  • A new version has been added into the mapping table in order to make 10.6 downloads available.


Training Permissions

  • Training Sub Admins can now unset the filter on Manage Users.
  • Training Sub Admins are now able to add, adjust, or remove time limits on a user's permissions and see contact information on the Organization Overview page.
  • The Permissions Bulk Update tools is now available for Training Sub Admins to manage those users in their organization with Access e-Learning permission.