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I would like to automate a select by attributes and then select the related data and export that related data as it's own feature class.   So I need to input a feature class, iterate through that feature class to select certain features by a field name, then take the related data from that feature class, and export it to a new feature class. I… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI have built a model that iterates through my feature classes while only selecting attributes that have a specified expression and exports the tables to excel based on if a field exists.  Hopefully that made sense.  The model works and excel files are created with only the attributes that pertain to my expression.   My problem is that it creates… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI have created a simple tool which finds all properties that lay within a polygon feature (select layer by location), and then exports to a filegeodatabase (Feature class to feature class).    I am wondering if I can get the output filename to be dynamic, and include today's date in the feature class filename each time it is run?   Currently it… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI am trying to automate a process that converts items from an SDE database to a file geodatabase in ArcMap. The exported items need to have specific names, different to what is pulled from the database.   Since the FeatureClass to Geodatabase tool in model builder cannot be set to overwrite existing items, I tried to create a model that exports… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHello,   I have a fairly simple model that creates a subset of a point feature class using the 'Select' tool, and then assigns raster values for 7 different rasters using the ' Multi Values to Points' tool (see below).  When I run it in the ModelBuilder interface everything works fine everytime.  However when I run it through the toolbox, it… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHello, I'm looking to create a model that breaks a single feature class into multiple feature classes based an attribute value and then looks for a feature class name and alters fields names, deletes unnecessary fields, and renames the feature class. I've created a model that creates the feature classes and also created a model that alters fields,… (Show more)
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Hello. I am using model builder to solve spatial questions of a related database table but confuse as tools required to run in order to get my output for a question like : "What is the total sum of a single tree specie at a specific location in a particular year". I will build a back-end like GUI through the model through which the user can… (Show more)
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I am currently interning and have created a model.  Part of the model will populate a csv file in excel, but when I run it again it does not delete previous values or get rid of duplicates.  I would like to know how I can delete duplicate values in the csv file?
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project package arcscene arcglobe exportasset package# I have a Database and toolbox in 3D(ArcScene) which I want to share it to another pc and run the model there. How can I do that? I'm currently using Arcgis Desktop 10.6
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Hi everybody, I need to add a specific value to an attribute table in the model builder. The whole basic workflow is as follow: from a point file extract all points with a specific value (=year) create heatmap of the extracted points create polygon based on the heatmap of the denser region(s) create a new field in the attribute table of the… (Show more)
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