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Hi everyone and thank you in advance for all your answers.    First thing first - I am a beginner in Python and I might ask stupid questions. Hopefully this won't be one of them.    We have an old tool that works perfectly in ArcMap but recently we had no choice but convert it to PRO. I ran the analyse tool in geoprocessor to open the "old… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Hello, I've setup a model with a variable named Survey_Number, it is set as a parameter.  I use this variable in a Select Layer by Attribute function.  I then use Make Feature Layer and check it to Add to Display.  I have a number of surveys I want query and I was hoping I could use the variable in Output Layer name of the Make Feature Layer… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Greetings, I am looking for advice on building a cost vs benefits model. I am using ArcGIS Pro and have the Spatial Analyst extension.   I am working with a rural community on assessing the costs and benefits of maintaining their road system. Each road segment has a estimated cost per year for maintenance and I am trying to figure out a way to… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Hi, Here's some issue that make Model stop working. Build Balanced Zones instrument needs at least 2 as a value of Number of Zones parameter. I want to get the value of Number of Zones from attribute table (using Get Field Value) and put it into Build Balanced Zones instrument. But until Get Field Value worked its output value is 1 so Build… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Click to view contentI am builder model that users will be able to select  values of year in range i.e 5 or 10years interval. The Year picklist will look like this in the tool. How can I do this in ArcGIS model builder ?  
in ModelBuilder
Click to view contentI am creating a model that will do the following: segment a raw image, train a random trees classifier based on a feature class, and then classify that segmented image. The model works until the classify raster tool, that's when it fails. I think it has something to do with the locations of where I am saving the data. If I run the tool with… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Hi there,   I have been trying to build a model that takes a maximum value from 1 field and inputs that value in a new field for every row. I have successfully extracted the max value from my "GRIDCODE" field and have joined this summary statistic back to the feature class as a new field titled "MAX_GRIDC" using "FID" 0 as the common class.… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Hi All,   I have a model that uses Feature class to feature class tool to backup FC from SDE to my GDB. It has run well for months until yesterday. One of the FC could not be backed up to GDB and the warning is “empty output”.   i have tried: log out/in, restart, create new mxd but it still outputs empty fc.   Has anyone cross this issue… (Show more)
I'm wondering if there is a way via modelbuilder to create a feature class using a spreadsheet. My ultimate goal is to format a spreadsheet with the proper field to not only create the attributes for the feature class but create the feature class itself. So in addition to attributes this spread sheet would need other fields such as the name of the… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Hi guys! I am trying to use the calculate value process in model builder to calculate 3*standard deviation so I can use the value for an set null operator. However, the result of the calculate value process is blank. I was wondering if any of you guys have the same problem, or if you see any solution to the problem. Thank you for your help!
in ModelBuilder
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