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I built my models in ArcGIS pro using logical tools (If value is)  but saved the model as ArcMap 10.7.1, but i can't find this logical tools (If value is) in arcmap 10.7.1. Please what can stand in for  or replace the logical tools (If value is)  in ArcMap 10.7.1. Thanks
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Hello,    I am trying to split point data into separate layers based the attributes of a column. I have around 70,000 points that need to be split into roughly 70 distinct point layers, I carried out this task manually for each layer but I am wondering can this been achieved using model builder ?  I cannot find any examples of this and following… (Show more)
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I've been working with various clients to migrate from Map to Pro, and am trying to get an idea of the consensus in the GIS community regarding which one is used more often. arcpro arcgispro arcgis arcmap arcmap 
Click to view contentI'm trying to create a ModelBuilder script that determines the Tourism Region which an SA2 Region lays, and writes the name of the region to a field. I'm having an issue where the Calculate Field won't accept the variable of the name of the selected tourism region.  It appears to be an issue of input, but I'm not sure what's going wrong.  Outback… (Show more)
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Hello all, I'm building a data cleanup tool in model-builder using the 'Calculate' field and the the .replace() function.  It's working well except for one problem, the values that I am updating are to include text string parts valuesin the original attributes.  So the replace function behaves as though there are endless wildcards in the field. … (Show more)
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Goodmorning everyone. I'm new to this site and I'm not sure if I'm using the right section to write my questions. I would like to know if 1) Inserting a topology in a model builder, is necessary to insert every rule at a time with the command "Add Rule to topology"? 2) By using the "Add Rule" command is it possible to modify the parameters? 3) The… (Show more)
Hi all,    I'm having quite a time with this one. I've built a model doing some linear/location referencing geoprocessing. It works fine, other than the fact that I need to run multiple feature classes through it, and there are two points within the model that I need the field maps to reset to default at runtime (table to table and append… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI have a model that keep crashing at the buffer stage, any ideas?   the files are large
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This is a toolbox that records Get Count results in an output table. The model is provided with a batch tool that can be used to run the count on all the feature classes in a workspace. It is another demonstration that a little bit of Python (used in the Calculate Value tool) can make ModelBuilder a lot more useful!   Update: added a second tool…
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