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Hello, I've setup a model with a variable named Survey_Number, it is set as a parameter.  I use this variable in a Select Layer by Attribute function.  I then use Make Feature Layer and check it to Add to Display.  I have a number of surveys I want query and I was hoping I could use the variable in Output Layer name of the Make Feature Layer… (Show more)
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I have a very basic model where I am clipping data out of a fgdb using an AOI polygon. The model runs in the model window but not from the user interface(right click on model in toolbox-0pen) any ideas?
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Click to view contentHi,    I have create a ModelBuilder (10.2) to export a layer from a cooperative db to -zip, csv and excel file adding the current date to the filename.  It works correctly when I run it on ArcMap, I publish as synchronous geoprocessing and the output doesn't show any url to download the result.     I have the attached the model. This model… (Show more)
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Hi, I want to build a model to iterate all my raster data in a folder through a value calculation process. I can run this on a single raster layer, so I should not miss any input or setting. But I haven't figure it out...  Thanks. 
Click to view contentI have created a simple tool which finds all properties that lay within a polygon feature (select layer by location), and then exports to a filegeodatabase (Feature class to feature class).    I am wondering if I can get the output filename to be dynamic, and include today's date in the feature class filename each time it is run?   Currently it… (Show more)
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I am trying to determine the total area that Polygon B covers in polygon A.  The only downside is if Polygon C covers polygon B then I want that area removed from the total coverage area.  I have managed to clip each B and C so that they fit in A but when I try and minus C from B it only works for the sites that have C, all of the other ones… (Show more)
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This collection of blog posts is a few years old, but is still a really great tutorial to advanced flow of control techniques in ModelBuilder.   If you are stuck at "if" – Part 1 | ArcGIS Blog  If you are stuck at "if" – Part 2 – Example of using Script tool to create branches using if-else logic | ArcGIS Blog   If you are stuck at "if" – Part…
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Hello,   I'm trying to create a tool in Model Builder that identifies protection areas (buffers) that, through time, have become misaligned and are no longer centered on the feature that they were created for. I then want to take the selected features and delete them. I'm planning on making this a tool that can be run on a semi-regular basis to… (Show more)
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Click to view contentCould someone show me how to configure the Model Builder logical tool "If Value Is"? I am trying to use it in exactly the same way as shown in the documentation with no luck.  My model has a Boolean parameter, just as the example below, which when checked at the start should produce a "true", unchecked a "false".  I can't figure out the settings… (Show more)
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