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I'm looking into how much open and close canopy falls within given buffer zones. My buffer zones are a polygon layer created from point sites, but canopy data is a raster with 2 types of data, open or closed canopy. It was pulled from PASDA and has a fairly fine resolution, which is why some other solutions (Converting to polygon) did not work.  … (Show more)
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I have a layer in a map. I have a group box on a Model Builder canvas. I dragged the layer into the group box. Pro 2.3.3 crashed. I restarted the program. I dragged the layer instead onto the canvas, outside the group box. It did not crash. I dragged the layer (expressed as a variable now) into the group box. It did not crash.   Please advise.
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I am running a big batch script which has the arcGIS time space tools. The results window outputs all these important messages on my analysis (the time interval, the statistical significance etc..) - how can I make my model builder write that information to a file?    The way it is now I have to go back through the results, hover my mouse… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi,   I am running a model.     1. for field 1(string)  I have "integer numbers" and a value "nan"        I use field calc with the expression: !ACmodeString!.replace("nan","<Null>")   2. Once I have the null records I run  again Filed Calc to copy these values from the string field into a integer field with a expression like Field1(string) =… (Show more)
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I am using ModelBuilder in Pro 2.3.1. When I connect a series of tools (spatial joins) and try to delete the extra fields using the "delete field" tool from the final layer at the end only the field alias's show up in the list of field names which leads to identical names (can't tell which Object ID to select). When I run the tool I get the field… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI have satellite data (HDF files) to bring into a GDB so we can analyse measurements across a season. I want to automate this as there are multiple measurements and multiple seasons, and sometimes multiple images in a day. The aim is to have a Mosaic Dataset per day with the files and the mosaic dataset having the date as part of their name. I… (Show more)
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I have created 3 models in mobelbuilder to accomplish one task. However I would like to do away with the 3 separate models and just combine all into one model. The problem I am having is I can't get the second part of the model to work unless I add the shapefile I edited in the first part of the model back into the map. The message it is giving me… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI have a small Python script written in 2.7 that sends a subprocess call to run another small python script written in 3.6 to export some maps.  While the scripts appear to work in a stand a lone environment, nothing seems to happen when I add the call script to my model.  It indicates that it was run, but nothing seems to be ran on the back in.  … (Show more)
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Hi,   I need to sum two fields which are in different layers...  Using Calculate field and running the expression sum(%Summe_Trassen_eigen%,%Summe_Trassen_angemietet%)  I get incorrect value.                               sum(%Summe_Trassen_eigen%,%Summe_Trassen_angemietet%)   The example is: "sum([582,871017020542,2826,20859771853]) the… (Show more)
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