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I am using the summary statistics tool in an iteration in model builder.  When I run the model some times it works just fine and other times I get an error.  The error says that it can't delete the table that is created by the summary statistics tool and that it may be locked by another application.  I don't have anything else open that I know of… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
I am using this code in "Calculate Field" to calculate the lat and long and re project the coordinates so I figure it has to be something similar. arcpy.PointGeometry(!SHAPE!.firstPoint,!SHAPE.spatialReference!).projectAs(arcpy.SpatialReference(4326)).firstPoint.Y
in ModelBuilder
Click to view contentI have 2 folders, one with 3 shapefiles and one with 11.  I want to find the intersection for all possible combinations of the shapefiles in each folder, for a total of 33 resulting intersection shapefiles.  I have tried creating 2 sub-models that iterate through the folders, and used the output of each submodel as the inputs for the Intersect… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
I'm very rusty with using Model Builder and trying to create a model in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.  What I would like to do, is, after the user (me!) makes a selection by hand on the map, use those inputs (in this case, two points in a hand drawn selection on the map) as input to Model Builder to alter a variable in a table related to one of the points as… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Click to view contentI need to extract a list of selected objects from several layers to text file. Is there any script or toolbox available?  
in ModelBuilder
Hi all,   I have created model that take user input from a picklist and then outputs the selected data into an Excel File. When I run the model inside of modelbuilder it outputs an excel file that is exactly as it should be. Then, when I save the model and then close model builder and try to use it in an MXD, the model runs successfully and then… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
I am attempting to make my first set of models with Model Builder in ArcMap 10.6 and have come across a few snags in the process.    1. Adding symbology to the output of the geocode tool or the make feature layer tool. I have created a feature layer with the symbology I would like to use which is set to unique values under categories. Some of the… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Click to view contentHello   I have Python script tool that creates (and populates) and point feature class using the 'Create Feature Class' tool.  The script tool exposes input parameters for the input workspace and the name of the output feature class.  The actual full feature class path/name is created constructed in the script tool   Im wanting to embed the… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Click to view contentI have a table where the information of a field has empty values and I want to fill them with the value of the upper cell      
in ModelBuilder
Click to view contentI have created a model that is intended to run on features I've selected interactively (manually) from the map. That is, feature selection is not part of the model - it is the expected input. The problem is, if there is no selection on a particular layer the model runs on every feature in that layer. I want to prevent this inevitable accident by… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
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