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Hi All,   I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1 on Windows 10.   I am building a model that merges two polygon layers together. The fields are slightly different, so I need the Field Mapping function to map fields and remove unnecessary fields. However, even after I click 'Ok' it immediately switches back to the default!  Any idea what I am missing here? 
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Hi, I'm aiming to build a tool in model builder for processing raster data. One step would be to resample a raster mosaic to lower resolution outputs. But the tool will not remember the values I enter, not for the cell size and not for the chosen pyramid resampling and compression method in the environment settings. Even if I make a parameter for… (Show more)
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Hello All,   I feel that this is something that should be really simple and I feel like I had done it once before a long time ago. I have a model to where as things process they are moving from one folder to the next. My goal is to make this tool so that I can reuse it for various projects and am trying to make the folder entry portion simple,… (Show more)
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Hello All:   I have a quick question. Do any of you know if it is possible to apply a certain field mapping depending on the result of if then logic?   Here is our use case. What we are attempting to accomplish is to build a Modelbuilder tool which appends street centerlines from neighboring jurisdictions to feature classes that already exist in… (Show more)
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I am trying to use Extract By Circle with the Center Point parameter being filled with the XCENTROID and YCENTROID fields gotten from a Zonal Geometry table. However, the Center Point parameter (or any Point variable for that matter) does not accept connectors (giving the error message "Only a variable can be connected to a process") and does not… (Show more)
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Hello,   I am currently attempting a Least Cost Path analysis, specifically, a "From everywhere to everywhere model".   Cost raster = Slope_Raster Surface raster = 0 value extracted_DEM Vertical Factor: Tobler Away   To achieve thus multi-path approach, I made my destination (which, according to this model, will also become origins) points… (Show more)
I am new to model building and having some trouble getting individual outputs for each iteration. I am trying to find an average of all "CONC_LVL" within 200 feet of each individual "TG ID" and then put those values into a new field for the corresponding "TG ID."   I was able to iterate using Feature Selection through the "TG ID" field and then… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI'm not the best model builder but I'm trying to write a model to that uses a select by attributes on a streets feature class for a value and then I need to change all the selected features to a new value that is defined through a field calculation. The image below is the model I have crafted but I am running into errors and I cannot figure out… (Show more)
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