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  Hello. I need the help of the community and if possible the help of an ESRI’s staff. After days and days of searching and reading different posts in the net and many dead ends (broken links) in ESRI’s site, I couldn’t find a solution to my problem. My problem is that I’m trying to give a tool to some colleagues (ArcMap 10.5), that don’t have… (Show more)
in Model Builder
I recently replaced ArcMap 10.3.1 on my computer with ArcMap 10.6.  I created a model years ago, probably in 10.3.1, that iterates through shapefiles in a folder, changes the name of the shapefile by appending a date onto it, and then iterates through the features in the shapefile to insert that name into a field.  This model has been saved on our… (Show more)
in Model Builder
I am trying to create a tool in model builder that I will eventually publish to our ArcGIS server as a geoprocessing service, I then want to use the geoprocessing service in arcGIS online within one of my web map apps with one of my AGOL hosted feature layers as the input.  The tool is fairly simple and takes an input point layer and performs a… (Show more)
in Model Builder
It happened now a several times that I created a model in Model Builder (ArcMap 10.5.1) and when I try later to edit it, the model builder is not opening. I tried to open the affected models from ArcMap and also from ArcCatalog but without success. It might be that I had minimized the model builder window when closing the mxd file but I also… (Show more)
in Model Builder
I have some custom models built to assist with the loading of events for roads & highways using the Append Events tool from the Location Referencing Toolset.  This was working beautifully in ArcMap 10.4.1 until I updated to 10.5.1.  I've attempted removing the append tool and re-adding it to the model and reconstructing the parameters, but nothing… (Show more)
in Model Builder
I have created a new field name to hold the filename of each table am iterating. I have used the parse path to collect the filename but and preconditioned the the parsing so that the field can be added first before the filename is populated in the new created field. When I run the model I an error that workspace not set for geoprocessor. Any help… (Show more)
in Model Builder
Since Tabulate Area does not work on overlapping polygons, I created a model to iterate through features, run Tabulate Area for each row in the feature class, Collect Values, and then Append it all to a target dummy table with field names pre-defined. The final result is that the identifier text field copies over fine, but all the numeric fields… (Show more)
in Model Builder
Is there a way to use a map service has a variable/parameter in Model Builder?
in Model Builder
I'm trying to automate some tasks for unit test. Once of these tasks is zooming into a map a fixed amount and forcing ArcMap to redraw at the new extent. The Data Frame is named Raster Data Sets.   The display is refreshing but it does not appear to honor the panToExtent() method. The AddMessage command shows that the value for the extent class… (Show more)
in Model Builder
Problem: Getting ERROR 999999 while executing function in ArcMap 10.6 model builder. I want to sum six different variables to a raster and save in a file geodatabase. The six variables are contained in a netcdf (nc4) file. The netcdf files are from the GLDAS-NOAH 3hrly model output. I have about 15 thousand netcdf files (each about 7 MB) for the… (Show more)
in Model Builder
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