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Hi,   So I am working on a model where for every database, there is a feature class that gets selected, the count is taken for that feature class, and that populates a field in a table. This model runs for every row in a designated table. But what I am trying to accomplish is :   for each record in table run model to get the feature class in the… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
I was given a task to to convert some very large rasters of landuse into Polygons for some data analysis that needed data in vector.    After looking at Pros and Cons of various scenarios I opted for splitting the raster (its about 3.2GB) into 6 tiles (Split Raster) to make processing "easier". OK, there may be a better way to do this step, but… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Hi everyone this is my first time asking in Geonet   I have to make a model builder (I don’t have a lot experience on that) that give me as a result a Resume Table of NULL Value of all fields in Feature Class. I create a model using the following tools: -Select layer by attribute (using of example the expression: [C_CAM_ANCHO_2] IS NULL)  … (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Click to view contentI have been trying to format the date which is in this format(2007.04) which i did through calculate value, however i tried substitute using the inline variable substitution it returns empty value when i run the model. When I run the model without the date variable it returns values. I don't know what am doing wrong because i need the user to be… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Click to view contentHello Everyone,  I am working with a Raster file and one shapefile (Counties of Iowa). I would like to use the function extract by mask for every single county (99). I have tried that via the modelbuilder using an iterator and it does work but, it keeps the size of the raster. As a result, it is 100 times slower and also overloads my C: 
in ModelBuilder
I am using the summary statistics tool in an iteration in model builder.  When I run the model some times it works just fine and other times I get an error.  The error says that it can't delete the table that is created by the summary statistics tool and that it may be locked by another application.  I don't have anything else open that I know of… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Hello,   I'm trying to discover how best to automate the selection and subsequent creation of new feature classes from two text fields. In my case, one of the fields is an ID field, and one is a day-of-the-week field. I would want to create individual feature classes per ID AND day-of-the-week.   I initially figured to use ModelBuilder, add… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
When I am executing my model builder, the error 000539 appears at the reclassification proces. which is a intermediate step in the model builder. Though the model processed 20 files successfully out of 24 files and results generated for 20 files are completely acceptable format and their are good.    Please help me trace the error in the… (Show more)
Hi all,   I have created model that take user input from a picklist and then outputs the selected data into an Excel File. When I run the model inside of modelbuilder it outputs an excel file that is exactly as it should be. Then, when I save the model and then close model builder and try to use it in an MXD, the model runs successfully and then… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.4 and have a model that has several steps to automate a process. The model executes as expected with no errors. However, the field calculator tools do not run as expected. The field calculator tool is used to fill in a field called "Layer Name" with a basic string in quotes - like "Tornadoes."  It is also used to calculate… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
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