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Click to view contentI have created a simple tool which finds all properties that lay within a polygon feature (select layer by location), and then exports to a filegeodatabase (Feature class to feature class).    I am wondering if I can get the output filename to be dynamic, and include today's date in the feature class filename each time it is run?   Currently it… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
hi when im running my model in arc-map it gives me an error"error 000601_locked by another application" but when i Right click,edit my model and run it it works. why isn't it working from outside?
in ModelBuilder
I would like to create a model (or other work flow) in ArcGIS Pro that iterates through a feature class, selects street names that are the same and concatenates gid cell numbers (grid cell that they fall into on a map) to the end.   for example, in the attachment there are 3 Bakker Rd features with unique Cell_ID's (A4, B4, B3). I want to create… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
hello i have 80 tables and i want to geocode them all at once by using model builder and iterator but i think that i'am doing something wrong because i get only the first table as output.i have set all the tables in a workspace then i linked them as input tables to a table iterator then i linked them an adress locator (esri adress locator).
in ModelBuilder
Hello, I am trying to create a script that allows making a loop inside the data set, using each layer inside it to create a specific report, my question is how can I make the name of the output resulting layer as it matches the name of the input layer like %Name% in model builder. the following is the script. import arcpy ...… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
I built a model tool which is running perfectly. Because I need to add some more functionalities like filtering, which I can only do with the script, I export the model to script and set the filter which is working fine also. However, when I run the script, it failed and send me a message which i will attach. I guess maybe it is from my tools… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Click to view contentI am creating a model that will do the following: segment a raw image, train a random trees classifier based on a feature class, and then classify that segmented image. The model works until the classify raster tool, that's when it fails. I think it has something to do with the locations of where I am saving the data. If I run the tool with… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
I have a shapefile of thousands of lines that I want to make each record in the attribute table its own unique shapefile and then buffer each and every one of those lines and also run Euclidean distance on the unique shapefiles. I think I can do this using Model Builder and working with iterators but I can't seem to find out which iterators I… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
I have created a model tool for Select by location (See the attachment). The idea is to select and export parcels within certain radius of another parcel. The tool works great in Desktop but I am having hard time using it as a Geoprocessing Widget in Web Application. Does anyone know what is the process to point the published model to the data… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
Hi, I have produced a little tool in modelbuilder, which includes a ZONAL_STATISTICS step. In this dialogue I use a shape file as feature zone data. I can set this a variable and make it a model parameter for the tools input dialogue. But the zonal_stats also requires the selection of a zone field, i.e. the identifyier to distinguish between… (Show more)
in ModelBuilder
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