• Recommendation for GPS/GNSS units or system

    Hello all, I am working with a nonprofit that would like to purchase an updated GPS unit.  It is a small botanical garden in Central California.   They are looking for a unit that is easy to use for th...
    created by fschroed_Cuesta
  • Upload Raw GPS from Leica ZENO 20 to OPUS?

    Has anyone successfully collected data with the Leica Zeno 20 (without RTK) and uploaded the raw GPS data to the NGS' OPUS site? I have Zeno 20s I want to find a cost effective solution for. I do not want to pay $6,25...
    created by gsipes
  • When importing data from trimble unit, check in is grayed out

    We are trying to import data from our trimble unit which utilizes Arcpad to Arcmap. We always seem to have trouble doing this, with a new issue every time. This time, we have copied the data from the unit into a folde...
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  • Why can't I overwrite a hosted feature service that is sync enabled?

    Why can't I overwrite a hosted feature service that is sync enabled?  I am not editing it in the disconnected environment.  The updates are being made from the overwrite.  How can I implement an overwri...
    created by mlamb_usfs
  • Can you acquire location data

    We have crews going out in the field and they are going to update data using Collector. We use Maximo for Asset Management   The select an Asset from a list after installing it and have to enter a NEW Maximo Lo...
    created by rborchert
  • mobile gis

    Good day,  I have the oldest version of terrasync software,on a gps handheld, the software for which i do not have current maintenance. If i were to upgrade to the newest terrasync version, how does this af...
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  • ESRI Collector screen rotation locked

    We use Samsung Tab S2 for data collection in the field. I personally feel collecting data in landscape view in Collector is cumbersome. On older Tab A's we could rotate the devices or lock them in landscape or portrai...
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  • WebGL & Apple?

    I'm processing my notes from UC and have a note from the morning plenary.  It was noted that 3D via Esri mobile apps as doing great things because of WebGL.  This isn't my area of expertise -- will there an ...
  • What is needed to develop ArcGIS Mobile application (android and/or iOS)

    I am interested in building a mobile application that would allow users to edit and add data to a map (hosted as a mapService on ArcGIS Server) in offline mode, using the mobile device GPS and forms for data.   ...
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  • How to access data attributes from layers and graphics in ArcGIS Runtime Android and iOS?.

    Hi all, I noticed that we can access data attributes from layers (SceneLayer with multipatch geometries) and graphics. example showing as follow. but how to highlight the object and access da...
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  • Cannot add or draw non point features in Collector

    Hi all,    I've come across an issue with Collector. I'm in the process of developing editable online maps for a Biologist to collect field data, but I cannot add any features other than point features in t...
    created by tysterns
  • Whatever happened to Snap2Map? it was a great app, very easy to use. It's no longer on App Store. And it stopped working on my device because I had to upgrade to iOS 11.x

    what happened to Snap 2 Map?  Is it going to be "fixed" soon? new release?  very useful app. Are you planning something new to replace it if you're not fixing it? 
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  • Best tablet for ArcGIS Explorer ??

    I am investigating using ArcGIS Explorer for a mobile mapping application,...I would be a first time user. To start, does anyone have a preference as to the tablet - OS ,  Ipad vs Samsung, IOS vs Android ?  ...
    created by noel_synterra
  • Is there a way to add something to a Map Tour that when a user passes a building that section automatically opens up?

    I am creating a Map Tour and rather than it being just on the heritage society's web site I'd like it to be a mobile app. Can someone point me to any projects, readings, software  that describe how to use xy coo...
    created by tonybat
  • Transformations between various NAD83 and WGS84 realizations

    I realize there are already many questions and answers out there related to this issue.  However, I continue having a difficult time pinpointing exactly which transformations I should use.   ...
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  • Differential Correction Error

    Hey all, We were out collecting points today using are Geo7x. That went well but when we got back to the office and i transferred the data from the data-logger to PFO and attempted to run Differential Correction i got...
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  • Fitbit TCX file with ArcGIS?

    My research includes a lot of hiking for surveying. I have a fitbit which uses GPS to map my hikes. I can export the data to TCX file. How do import this and use it with ArcGIS Pro or Desktop, or is there a way I...
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  • Best practices for reducing mobile map package file size?

    I am finding that including large feature datasets (address point, parcels) in a mobile map package dramatically increases the mobile map package file size. For example, without these my package might be 5 mb but incl...
    last modified by brittany.burson
  • How do access data attributes from sceneLayer in ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android (Version 100.2.0)?

    How to achieve the access layer attribute data and highlight, here is my code. /** * initialize * * @param promise */ @ReactMethod public void initializeSDK(final Promise promise) {     try {  ...
    created by lwh0734
  • I have a 10.2 mobile cache I need to convert to shapefile.

     I have tried the online tools available with no success. http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=30280910f8a1441d8cb962e6225ebd2d  GitHub - EsriCanada/mobileCache2Shape102: Export Mobile cache to shapefil...
    created by joestone