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I have found that while Collector is generally quite user friendly and easy to use, there are still some users that struggle with some aspects of the data collection process. I have written a quick generic guide that outlines the data collection process from opening the app and collecting some data, to syncing. I have included lots of screenshots to illustrate each step. I am hoping that this will reduce user frustration, and also reduce my time spent training users, and processing data collection errors.


Currently I have only included instruction on collecting point data. Some things that I plan to add in the future are:


  • Instruction on collecting line and polygon data. Although I do not have many users collecting this sort of data yet, so it is not a priority at this stage.
  • Some detail on adjusting the required GPS accuracy.
  • Some detail on turning layers on and off.


Feel free to download it and use it. You may want to edit it and use it as a base for your own guide. I have attached .docx and .pdf files. If you do use it I would be interested to hear about it.