ArcGIS Secure Mobile Implementation Patterns whitepaper

Blog Post created by dlaw-esristaff Employee on Oct 25, 2017

Hot off the presses ... checkout this whitepaper I wrote with the Esri Security team!!


Description: This white paper helps guide IT managers and GIS administrators in deploying an enterprise GIS with a mobile field component. It discusses the esri GeoSpatial Cloud, the "Web GIS" pattern with the ArcGIS Platform, the ArcGIS Field Apps, enterprise mobile app management, enterprise security mechanisms, and concludes with a section on different deployment scenarios. The objective is to provide some background, tips, and guidance as they implement a secure enterprise GIS solution.


UPDATED 11/12/2019:

The whitepaper has been updated with the following:

- Information on the high level field operations product story;

- Addition of ArcGIS QuickCapture and Tracker for ArcGIS field apps; along with other ArcGIS mobile apps;

- Updates to mobile device management (MDM) support by the ArcGIS mobile apps;

- Updates to portal membership and a discussion on ArcGIS user types;

- Updates to enterprise security mechanisms section;

- New section on compliance;

- Updates to security deployment considerations.



Get the whitepaper: http://arcg.is/2izkAtW