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Hello everyone,   What tools/platforms can be recommended for automatic testing of GIS mobile applications writing on Xamarin? I mean test of functionality from user point of view (clicking on buttons, on the map, doing some basic user scenario)     Thank you, Olga
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Hello, I need to export state bike touring route shapefiles to GPX and publish them to a website so cyclists can download them to their GPS devices.  Does anyone have any guidance for me on how I can do this?  Thanks for your help!
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I am connecting to the Trimble R10 receiver along with the GNSS Status app. It is showing my HAE values as being negative. I do not know why that is the case and trying to get the HAE to the correct values. Any suggestions or solutions would be so great! 
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Location tracking is one of the ArcGIS Platform’s newest capabilities. It provides the real-time location of an organization’s most valuable assets in the field: their mobile workers. When field personnel carry mobile devices, this capability captures and records their locations. Tracker for ArcGIS is a lightweight mobile solution that captures… (Show more)
ArcGIS is at the core of a smarter way to perform fieldwork. By leveraging location, users can perform their common tasks in a smarter way. Plan where you need to go, navigate to your assignment, understand your surroundings, and capture information—all while providing insight to allow real-time decision-making.   View a complete list of upcoming… (Show more)
Maybe this is a question better suited for Apple forums, but I'll ask it here anyway. Hopefully someone else has dealt with this and has a solution.   I'm very new to app development and I am looking for a way to simulate my location on my work iPad (and maybe even movement along a route) for testing and demonstration purposes. It's a work device… (Show more)
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I want to ensure users cannot access data that gets downloaded on the device when going offline with Survey123 or Collector. Is it possible to by some means?   So what I mean is to make sure that the information in the .geodatabase or SQLite database on a user’s devices is not readable by the user.   There are at least two ways to achieve this.… (Show more)
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April showers bring May… Explorer updates? Yes! We have some new updates that we want to share with you. We recently released updates to our Windows and Android versions of Explorer. These releases were focused around improving feature parity across platforms as most of this functionality was already in the iOS version of the app. Let's take a… (Show more)
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