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Good day,  I have the oldest version of terrasync software,on a gps handheld, the software for which i do not have current maintenance. If i were to upgrade to the newest terrasync version, how does this affect any maintenance/support payment?Like with ESRI, would I have to pay for all previous years' maintenance/support  as well as maintenance… (Show more)
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We are excited to announce the first release of Tracker for ArcGIS!    Please read our formal announcement blog on the ArcGIS blog site for details and then join the discussion below.
Naval Oceanography Portal The United States Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (NMOC) provides critical information from the ocean depths to the most distant reaches of space, meeting needs in the military, scientific, and civilian communities.    GPS Week Number Rollover   GPS Week Number Rollover — Naval Oceanography Portal… (Show more)
FYI, nice blog that discusses how to work with coordinates and measurement units in Collector for ArcGIS by Jeff Shaner.   Coordinates and Measurement Units in Collector for ArcGIS      Enjoy,
I've written a blog to take you through making your first map for Collector. You'll learn how to prepare a new layer (including setting choices for one of your form entries), put your layer into a map, and then use the map in Collector. If you read Try Collector the map you are making will be familiar: it is the map of parks that you used when… (Show more)
Did you know that you can Try Collector for free? In this blog post, I take you through using Collector for the first time. Install the app on your device, open a sample map, and off you'll go collecting data about your local park. Give it a try, then come here to discuss it.
FYI,   Excellent video by Anatum Geomobile Solutions that highlights and compares the differences between current Collector for ArcGIS vs the new Collector (Aurora) release. A nice resource to learn about the changes.   Esri Collector - Aurora vs. Classic (9 mins video)     Enjoy,
Collector has documentation, but while out in the field mobile workers often need something lighter weight—something that can be printed and taken along (especially if working offline). They need a single reference sheet that helps them with common tasks and some issues.   We’ve always relied on admins and project leads to create these for their… (Show more)